Reggae Marathon 2013 Fact Sheet

Date December 05 to December 07, 2013 Location Negril, Jamaica The Marathon, Half-Marathon and 10K, start at Long Bay BeachPark situated along Negril’s famed 7-mile white sand beach. The course loops into the town of Negril then heads north towards the town of Green Island.The mostly flat course is an IAAF certified marathon and half-marathon course. Events Thursday, December 05 Registration Opens ...[Read More]

Merry Christmas from Negril

Merry Christmas from all of us at Reggae Marathon. I thought of putting up a picture of Santa Claus on his way delivering presents.  But really, lolling in the warm Caribbean in Negril seems like a better way to celebrate the season.  From the organizers, sponsors and all the volunteers who work very hard to put on the best running event, “Merry Christmas”.  We hope you are able to spe ...[Read More]

Enjoying the Reggae Marathon Experience

Sending us off at 5:15 am and meeting us at the Reggae Marathon finish, Race Director Alfred ‘Frano’ Francis is always busy directing traffic.  That’s him above directing the 10K  and Half Marthon Finishers down the chute last Saturday morning. Check out his early morning beverage of choice in his right hand.  ‘Coffee good!’ The really nice thing about Reggae Marathon ...[Read More]

1 Day to Reggae Marathon: Pasta Party Tonight!

Starting at 5:30 pm this evening, catch me at the Couples Swept Away Sporting Complex for the ‘World’s Best Pasta Party‘.  I’ll be wearing the cool 2012 Reggae Marathon T Shirt … and the walking cast on my right foot.  Should be easy to spot me.  Make sure to say hi. For runners the cost of the Reggae Marathon Pasta Party is included in your race registration fee.  Fo ...[Read More]

Why I run

I run for so many reasons yet when asked I can never give a simple…or short…answer.  Is it like that for you? I run for my health:  going to fight to stay healthy the natural way for as long as I can. I run for a cause:  raising funds to support research into heart disease and stroke is my personal cause.  Do you have one? I run because it’s my ‘alone time’:  cheaper ...[Read More]

Big Breakfast Day on Sunday…an update on speed training

“I had a big breakfast on Sunday”.  Eggs, hash browns, toast, bacon.  There I said it and it feels good.  I know it’s not the typical Jamaican-style breakfast of Ackee and Saltfish but I had a massive (for me anyway) training weekend and well, I deserved it!  It wasn’t as tasty as the Reggae Marathon Pasta Party buffet being enjoyed by those Reggae Marathoners in the photo ...[Read More]

Reggae Marathon Race Director ‘Sir Frano’ on speed

It must be the yams! Yes, that’s the ‘Secret Ingredient’ responsible for the amazing speed of Jamaican Track Athletes.  And  it’s roast yams…OK, that’s what I like. After the display of speed at the recently completed Olympic Games in London there has been a lot of conversation about our speedy runners.  And seriously, it has bee suggested that the Jamaican diet ...[Read More]

What are your running resolutions for 2011?

I’m still working on a great 2010 Christmas!  Lots of great times spent with family and friends since last Friday with no end in sight until after the New Year.  And the meals… Whew! I must confess that I haven’t done much running either and am starting to feel a tiny bit guilty…and a little heavier.  With New Year’s Eve just around the corner, here are my running resolutions for 2011; ...[Read More]

Have a very merry Reggae Marathon Christmas

Christmas is a fantastic time of year!  Hustling to get ready is part of my annual ritual because no matter how much I plan, these next couple of days before Christmas are very, very hectic.  But no matter, I love the anticipation of getting together with the kids and combined families. Even though my kids aren’t ‘kid’s any more I still have fond memories of barefoot little boys running ...[Read More]

Making a friend at Reggae Marathon 2010

Nearly 40 years ago I had one of those experiences that stick with you forever.  It happened while my 3rdform class at Campion College was on our hike to the top of Blue Mountain Peak and when I think about even after the passage of so many years, it still brings back great memories of friendship and shared experiences. That hike up the highest mountain peak in Jamaica was the ‘big one’ for our cl ...[Read More]