December 3, 2023
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26.2 Thoughts on Running a Marathon

That’s the thought that ran through my mind at Mile 9 above:  Doing math in my head.  I’ve got through many a long race doing math.  I’m so glad I paid attention to my Campion College Math Teacher all those years ago.

Runner’s World published a series of Runner’s Thoughts recently.  They all pretty much mirrored my running experience.  In addition to the one above, I particularly love these two:


Mile 19.  “Wow…I made it this far! A little slower than I wanted to be but hey…19 MILES!”  Quickly replaced with the realization that there are 7 miles to go.  There’s that Math again!


“Left, right, repeat”.  That’s what did it for me but I’ll go with this one as well.  At Mile 22 the realization kicks in that it’s only a 4 mile short training run distance to go.  At least it did for me.

For these and the other 23.2 Running Thoughts, check them out at 26.2 Thoughts while running a Marathon.  And remember to practice your Maths.

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