December 3, 2023
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Are you ready for the London Olympics?

I am!

This may be going a little overboard but here are my plans to enjoy absolutely everything at the London Olympic Games this year.  I’ve got a special eye on the the Marathon and of course the Track & Field Sprint events.  Check out below as well some of the links to catch the action live on TV, Facebook and Twitter:

  • I have an Olympic app already installed on my smartphone. Live updates with video and the promise of live streaming.  Search for the host TV broadcaster or Olympics App in the Android or Apple app stores.  They should be easy to find.
  • Friday, July 27 is in my calendar for the Opening Ceremony.  In particular, I’m looking out for the Jamaican Olympic Team in their Opening Ceremony uniforms.  Best-in-the-world in my opinion.  I’m also watching out for the US Olympic Team as well after all the controversy their country of manufacture raised.
  • August 4th, 5th and 9th are also in my calendar.  There’s not a chance I’m going to miss all the action in the Men’s 100 M and 200 M events.  Cheering for the Jamaicans of course but with a special eye on Usain Bolt.  After all, he ran in the first Reggae Marathon back in 2001:  World Champions born at Reggae Marathon
  • I’ve also got Aug 12 in my calendar for the Men’s Marathon.  In the Beijing Olympic games 4 years ago I watched it from start-to-finish.  I know, “Get a life”.  But hey, once a runner, always a runner!  It’s also the final day of the 2012 London Olympics so will also catch the Closing Ceremony.

On TV, here’s the list of international broadcasters who are televising the London 2012 Olympics:  Summer 2012 Olympics.  Specifically in the US, Canada and Great Britain, here are the official broadcasters who all have tons of hours of coverage planned:

  • In the US the official network is NBC Olympics  And even though they will be focused on the US team I have to believe the coverage of the highly anticipated showdown on the track for the Sprints will be excellent.
  • In Canada the official network is CTV Olympics   Again, I am expecting

    excellent and the usual more balanced coverage of athletes and events.

  • In the UK, the official broadcaster is BBC Olympics  If you will be in London during the Olympics, not one exciting event finish:  the Marathon finishes on the street instead of inside the stadium.

Online should be fun and interesting as well.  The IOC for the first time is allowing athletes to use Social Media like Facebook and Twitter to post updates.  Here are some of the places to follow the action:

  • The Official Jamaica Olympics site on Facebook:  Jamaica Olympics
  • Reggae Marathon on Facebook of course:  Reggae Marathon
  • On Twitter, check out these handles:  @JamaicaOlympics, @UsainBolt @London2012 @LO2012 and @RegggaeMarathon of course
The last thing of course is food and beverage.  I’ve got the menus ready:  Ackee and Saltfish with fried Bammie and  Blue Mountain coffee for the early morning viewing; Jerk Chicken with Rice and Peas and Red Stripe for the afternoon/evening events.  Yes, I think I’m ready.  How about you?

Until next time…

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy (aka Sugar ‘Tuff Gong’ Bong)


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