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Thanks for your comments on the Reggae Marathon Blog

We love your comments on our Reggae Marathon blog posts.  And we are looking forward to meeting all of you at the Reggae Marathon December 4 in Negril.  Lets plan to connect Friday evening at the Reggae Marathon pasta party.  In the meantime, here are some of the comments we have received so far. Keep them coming:   From Angela who commented on the “Who’s this new guy on the Reggae Marathon blog”: ...[Read More]

The Reggae Marathon Run… Respect!

Respect! That is the answer to a frequently asked question from out-of-Jamaica runners about how to handle the temperature at the Reggae Marathon. For most runners from USA and England, training at home for warmer Negril temperature in December is a challenge. Some tips: 1. Plan to run a little slower. 2. Hydrate. Take advantage of the bag water and Gatorade at every mile aid station. 3. Wear a ha ...[Read More]

“How I fell in love with the Reggae Marathon”, George Colombo

In 2004, my 50th birthday fell on a Saturday. This made the idea of running a marathon on my birthday a distinct possibility. As I looked around to see where marathons were to be held on the big day (i.e. one of those birthdays that end with a zero), one race stood out, Jamaica’s Reggae Marathon. Before I knew anything else about it, I knew that it possessed an attribute that was singular an ...[Read More]

“Top 5 things to do in Negril”, by Karin Wilson Edmonds

So much has already been said about Negril, but for those coming for the Reggae Marathon for the first time, or for those who don’t know Negril well, this post’s for you. I figured that it’s always useful to have a local’s insight into the “must do” things in a new town. So, for those Negril newbies out there, here’s my list of the top five things to do in Negril. To begin with, for us Jamaicans, ...[Read More]

Team Lipstick at the Reggae Marathon: train hard, race hard, have fun

Look out for the Team Lipstick gang at the Reggae Marathon Dec 4.  They’ll be competing in the marathon and will be in Negril from November 28 for a co-ed training camp at the Rockhouse Hotel and Spa in the west end of Negril.  Team Lipstick was founded by Laura Cozik in 2008 and is based in New York City. She founded the all female group to encourage novice through elite-level female athletes to ...[Read More]

See what you are in for at the Reggae Marathon

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth a billion.  And I don’t mean JA $s. To borrow the Jamaica Tourist Board advertising slogan, “Once you go you know”, here is the official video from last year’s Reggae Marathon to give you a little taste of what you’re in for: Don’t just come in for the race on Saturday morning.  Plan on arriving a couple of days before to get acclimatize ...[Read More]

“It’s Gotta Be The Shoes (Or Maybe Not)”: Barefoot Running

Since you’re getting ready to run in the Reggae Marathon (or maybe the Half Marathon or the 10K), chances are you’re thinking about which shoes you’re going to wear on race day. As you weigh the more traditional options (racing flats, motion control, stability, etc.), there’s a small enthusiastic cadre of runners that’s taken a different approach altogether. These intrepid runners forego running s ...[Read More]

Let’s go for a run

The truth be told, I actually hated running. I wasn't very active in either grade school or high school. I enjoyed a good game of squash while in university but never thought of going for a run. What got me started was my health: in my mid-20’s overweight at 225 lbs with a 42” waist, I was heading into a bad place. I knew I had to do something and running seemed simple enough.

Reggae Marathon: “The best race ever”

“The best race ever” was how one visitor to the Jamaica Tourist Board booth at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront marathon Expo described the Reggae Marathon. Judy Nash from the JTB, Marguerite Orane, Suzie Forman and I had a great time talking with runners who stopped by the booth on Friday and Saturday.