December 4, 2022
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Reggae Marathon Joins Global Marathon Twitterthon

Reggae Marathon Joins Global Marathon Twitterthon
Reggae Marathon is one of 26 marathons across the globe joining forces to support each other on Twitter with a 26 day Twitterthon.Created by Milano City Marathon, the world’s first-ever Marathon Twitterthon was launched on March 19. On day one, Milano City Marathon tweeted a Message Of Hope to Solar Eclipse Marathon. Over 26 days, each of the 26 participating marathons will tweet a message in their own language to the next until the final message is sent back to Milano City Marathon on April 13.

Reggae Marathon will receive its Message Of Hope from Brathay Windermere Marathon and will pass its own Message Of Hope on to Miracle Match Marathon.The night before the Milano City Marathon, organisers will paint all 26 messages onto sky lanterns which will be released across the city. Other participating marathons include the Great Wall Of China MarathonNational College Blue Ridge Marathon in Roanoke, VA, the Polar Circle Marathon and the Windermere Marathon in the Lake District.

Commenting on the Twitterthon, Reggae Marathon race director Alfred “Frano” Francis said: “We are delighted that we have been invited to participate in this Twitterthon. This provides an opportunity for spreading a global message of hope and also for even greater exposure for Reggae Marathon and Jamaica on the World Wide Web.”

These sentiments were echoed by team member and Reggae Marathon blogger Chris Morales who added: “We wanted to be involved in this special activity which celebrates the spirit of marathons worldwide. By sending Messages of Hope around the world, we are recognizing the origins of the marathon and encouraging different nations to think of themselves as a global family”.

The Messages of Hope can be viewed via Twitter and a Marathon Message of Hope will be tweeted every hour throughout the 26 days.