December 3, 2023
2023 Registration Now Open!

Road to Reggae Marathon Training Series

We’ve shared this exciting news earlier about We Got The Runs partnering with Reggae Marathon this year (We Got The Runs…On The Road To Reggae Marathon).  Here’s the background and some more information on how you can join in:

In a move to assist long distance runners and fitness enthusiasts to maximize their Reggae Marathon experience, the organizers of the annual event have announced a partnership with the local running club, We Got the Runs (WGTR) to help train those who want to participate in the marathon and half marathonina 12 week cross-training programme.

According to race director Alfred “Frano” Francis, “We welcome the partnership with WGTR as it enhances the Reggae Marathon programme. The training is based on a format recommended by Reggae Marathon and it will allow us to provide a valuable and vital service to those who need it. “

Francis said the training series will be offered “as a 12-week package or a 6 week pay-as-you-go option from September 1 to December 5 this year.” He explained that the package is geared towards persons who already participate in fitness activities such as 5Ks and include:

  • Over 40 organized group runs covering more than 350 miles;
  • 12 Spinning classes –one per week – offered byCore Fitness Studio.
  • Swimming passes to the Stella Maris pool for a three month period (optional);
  • 12 yoga sessionsoffered by Leanne’s Lifestyle Yoga (optional); and
  • Participation in upcoming Road Races such as the CB/UWI 5K and the Burger King 10K.

The race director added, “Runs are scheduled to take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with a long run occurring every Saturday. They will be organized with escalating distances each week according to the official Reggae Marathon training programme and execution will be done in partnership with WGTR as well as other running clubs, as we work together to build a running culture in Jamaica.“

Other participating clubs include Tru Form Fitness, Sonic Steppers and Pacers. The initiative is also supported by long-standing Reggae Marathon sponsor Hi-Lyte which will be providing rehydration fluids for the programme’s longer runs.

WGTR is a fitness club in Kingston that participates regularly in road races and other activities that encourage an active lifestyle. It has a commitment to enhancing the avenues for fitness related activities for its members and the wider community.  It’s Club portfolio includes: Colour Me Happy 2014; Tuff Enuff Boot Camp and Run Series 2014 (in conjunction with True Form Fitness).

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