December 3, 2023
2023 Registration Now Open!

Good vibes

“This is a terrific, special race. Good vibes all weekend, from the pasta party boldly (and with much justification) billed as the world’s best. Atmospheric start, with drummers and torchlight in the dark. Surely one of the highest volunteer:participant ratios you’ll find; we were cared for very well of every step of the way, and afterward. Every i dotted, every t crossed: brilliant bag system for liquids, absolute clarity at points where various race distances (there’s a 10k, a half, and a full marathon) diverged.

Historical weather records say it’s always hot this time of year, so do what you can to acclimate to the heat in the weeks beforehand and still expect to lose quite a few minutes to high temps. But PRs aren’t what this race is all about. You want a fast race, run Chicago or some other cool-weather flat marathon. You want a tremendously atmospheric weekend with lots of personal touch, in a place you’ll enjoy a few days before and/or after as vacation, this is your race.”

-Charlie Pendejo

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