December 3, 2023
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Socks or No-Socks…and other Running Ruminations

I’ve run and raced wearing socks as well as going without.  Recently I’ve reverted to running ‘no socks’ and it’s been great.  The running shoes are the Puma Faas 1000’s in my exact size.20140822_154640

With socks, a pair of crew ventilated running socks I felt a bit cramped so I tried a run without socks.  I was very pleasantly surprised by the much more comfortable ride…it was like night and day!  Just the right amount of space inside and no uncomfortable chaffing or rough spots inside.  Since then I’ve been out a number of times and am really enjoying running without socks.  Of course if you live in non-tropical climates the only time this can be considered is in the warmer summer months.  Winter running outside without socks…foolhardy  What’s your take on running with socks versus no socks?

Music or no-music.  This one is easier for me.  I don’t run with music.  No ear buds for me.  I tried once but could never get the ear buds to stay in my ears.  Plus I didn’t like the cord flapping while I was running.  And to be totally honest, I found myself distracted by the music…and when running along urban streets the last thing I need is to be distracted from vehicle traffic.  So no music for me.  On the other side, I have a number of running friends who swear by their running music.  They feel it helps keep them pumped up and run faster.  So…music or no music?

Running alone versus running in a group.  I’m on the fence on this one.  When I was training for my first Marathon, the 2009 Reggae Marathon, I did a lot of training runs with a running group.  There were a lot of seasoned marathoners in the group and they shared training and preparation advice that was invaluable.  Proper hydration, respecting the heat and how to put in the long training runs were invaluable.  As well running with the full group each week helped improve my pacing, endurance and speed.  On the other side, running alone is ‘My Alone Time’.   No cell phones, no conversation…just me alone with my thoughts. These help clear my head.  Do you like running alone or in a group?

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