Half Marathon Walk

RACE START: Dec 2 2018, 5:15 AM

Training Time Left: 

A Half Marathon is a great way to increase your fitness, push past a plateau, learn what your body is capable of doing and challenge yourself. Running a Half Marathon may seem impossible at the moment but with the right training program it is doable.

A good way to get started is to walk a Half Marathon. We invite you to walk the Reggae Half Marathon by trying this 12-week training program.

Walk Days

Walk at a comfortably brisk pace. You should be able to carry out a conversation with a little bit of effort.

Cross Training Days

Do any activity that works your legs in a different way than walking does such as bicycling, swimming, yoga.

Walk Form Days

Practice this drill after your 30, 40 or 50-minute walk: increase your speed to a challenging pace for 30 seconds. Follow with 1 minute of easy walking. Repeat four times, and then cool down.

Training Program

Yes, YOU CAN WALK the Reggae Half Marathon! Get ready for a fun and life changing experience!

Click here to download the 12-week Half Marathon Walk Training Schedule.

Program adapted from Marathoning for Mortals: a Regular Persons Guide to the Joys of Running or Walking a Half Marathon or Marathon by John “The Penguin” Bingham and Jenny Hadfield (MA, CPJ, Rodais Inc 2003). This program is offered by Reggae Marathon only as a guide.