RACE START: Dec 3 2016, 5:15 AM

Finish Line Hardware

Finish Line Hardware.  That’s the reason we love running at Reggae Marathon.  Full Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K, all Finishers are greeted immediately upon crossing the Finish Line timing mats by Reggae Marathon Event volunteers with ‘The Hardware’.  Reserve your Finish Line Hardware now: Sweet 16 Finish Line Registration! Loving the Reggae Marathon Medals for Sweet 16, the 16 ...[Read More]

Blue Sky Running

Blue sky running.  It came to me the other morning as I was running:  One of the things I love most about Reggae Marathon is running under the bright blue sky in the early morning with the Caribbean Sea as a backdrop.  I think these runners agree: The post-Reggae Marthon custom is a dip in the Sea, running gear and all!  Remove running shoes first though…One year in an excited state I forgot ...[Read More]

Out on the Road

Out on the road at Reggae Marathon is a mythical experience.  It gets more mythical as the years pass and the experiences grow.  And it starts with fire! It’s super early.  It’s dark.  The sunrise is over an hour away.  We’re gathered on the road at Long Bay Beach Park behind the Start Line waiting for Race Director Frano to send us off promptly at 5:15 am. Then just before the s ...[Read More]

What’s on for Sweet 16

What’s on for Reggae Marathon Sweet 16?  A lot actually. Registering for Reggae Marathon. There’s still time to save a few $’s on Registration.  While you can register on-siet in Negril on Thursday and Friday before Saturday’s start, it’s best to register now. We’ll know who you are, have a better idea on how many of you are coming…we’ll be better pr ...[Read More]