RACE START: Dec 3 2016, 5:15 AM

Inspiring the day

Some days…and runs…are inspiring.  Others need a little inspiration.  Either way, these inspiring running quotes from Gibson’s Daily Running Quotes will get you going: “There is no list of rules. The most wonderful aspect about running, compared to other sports, is that each of us determines where, when, how far and how fast to run. We are the captains of our running ships ...[Read More]

Out of body experience

Have you had an out of body experience?  I have and it happened again at Reggae Marathon last December.  This came to me over the weekend as I was doing my hill repeat workout Sunday morning. Before the start of most races I’m pretty excited.  With butterflies in my stomach I anxiously await the Starter’s signal thinking about hearing the ‘beep’ when I cross the timing mat. ...[Read More]

Winter running tips

Winter running in Jamaica means about the same as summer running:  Shorts, T shirt and hat. Love the tropics!  We know it’s not the same for many of you though having to deal with colder temperatures, snow and ice.  We look forward to seeing you in December for Reggae Marathon but in the meantime here are some winter running tips: From a favourite source, Runners World, here are 10 tips for ...[Read More]

Reggae Marathon Video Party

It’s time for a Reggae Marathon Video Party!  Just like the Super Bowl Party in a couple of weeks, the Reggae Marathon Video Party is a way to bring friends together to celebrate Reggae Marathon.  And there’s a right way to host your Reggae Marathon Video Party.  Here’s how: Confirm Sunday, February 7 at 5 pm as the day and time for your Reggae Marathon Video Party.  Send out inv ...[Read More]