RACE START: Dec 3 2016, 5:15 AM

6 months to Reggae Marathon

6 months to Reggae Marathon!  Here’s some advice: The Reggae Runnerz arrive ‘en masse’ a few days before December 3 along with the majority of runners eager to get their Negril Runcation under way.  And get in a few early morning runs to help get accustomed to the warmer temperatures in Negril in December.  Sun and fun is also part of the Reggae Marathon Experience but take it ea ...[Read More]

Animal crawls to get stronger

Animal crawls improve strength, mobility and coordination! Carrie Tollefson enjoys doing them to mix up her routine at the gym, or at home with her kids. Until next time… Reggae Marathon RunninGuy (aka Sugar ‘Tuff Gong’ Bong) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Register for Reggae Marathon, December 3, 2016: Reggae Marathon Online Registration For more information check the Reggae Marathon We ...[Read More]

Running … Morning, noon or night

Morning, noon or night … When’s the best time to run? Morning. The benefits of running in the morning are many but the biggest one is that running in the morning wakes up your metabolism.  And keeps it burning at a higher rate after.  If you’re looking to loose weight, getting up early to run and following up with a healthy breakfast is one of the surest ways to achieve your goal ...[Read More]

Running: It’s all in the mind

Running:  It’s all in the mind!  Sure there’s a bit of physicality but the motivation to get up, get dressed and get running begins in the …mind! “You run the first 20 miles of the marathon with your body. You run the last six miles and 385 yards with your soul. It is somewhere around that 20-mile mark, ‘THE WALL,’ that the mind begins to scream enough is enough ...[Read More]