RACE START: Dec 5 2015, 5:15 AM

Getting ready Part 1

Getting ready for Reggae Marathon involves a little planning and coordination.  And with 4 months to go it’s time to get serious about your planning…and packing. We’re glad to help: Registration. As one of the Premier Destination Running Events in the world, most of you will be making the trip to Negril to spend at least a week in Negril.  That applies whether you’re coming ...[Read More]

4 Months to Reggae Marathon

4 months (and a few days) to Reggae Marathon.  Getting excited?  I am.  I’m emailing and speaking with my Reggae Marathon running friends more frequently. I’m registered.  I’ve book my hotel on the Beach in Negril.  Other than packing, there’s not much more to do now except staying excited about my 7th consectutive Reggae Marathon. This year Reggae Marathon celebrates it ...[Read More]

Save a Dollar on Reggae Marathon Registration

Want to save a Dollar?  Register for Reggae Marathon before this Friday, July 31and you’ll save more than just one Dollar.  You’ll save on your registration fee and join runners from over 30 countries coming together for a memorable ‘Runcation’ in Negril this December. This link will take you directly to our registration page:  Reggae Marathon Registration. Your Reggae Mara ...[Read More]

Pump you up

It’s time for a little running inspiration and motivation to pump you up.  Not that you need it of course…like me I know you love to get up early and go running every day. “For most of my life, lacing up for a run has been as much a part of my day as taking a shower… Just like many avid runners, I have found running to be the ultimate therapy. Running alone helps me sort th ...[Read More]