RACE START: Dec 6 2014, 5:15 AM

The Top 10 Benefits of Running…make that 12!

The number one benefit of running?:  No special skill required…just get out and run! Unlike golf…a sport I like but am challenged at…I just started running one day.  The hardest part was just getting up and getting out.  Over the years I’ve improved my form, lost a ton of weight and kept it off and met a lot of really nice people, many of whom I catch up with every December ...[Read More]

Socks or No-Socks…and other Running Ruminations

I’ve run and raced wearing socks as well as going without.  Recently I’ve reverted to running ‘no socks’ and it’s been great.  The running shoes are the Puma Faas 1000′s in my exact size. With socks, a pair of crew ventilated running socks I felt a bit cramped so I tried a run without socks.  I was very pleasantly surprised by the much more comfortable ride̷ ...[Read More]

“I came in last at Reggae Marathon…

…and I love it!”  That’s Gail Jackson of Negril Tree House on the Beach. Gail is our Celebrated Last Finisher.  It’s a distinction she’s held for a number of years now and one she proudly and enthusiastically embraces.  If you’ve stayed at Negril Tree House, the Negril Reggae Marathon base for Lisa Laws and the Reggae Runnerz, you know what I mean.  If not, seek ...[Read More]

What will you be doing 3 months from now?

There’s only one correct answer to that question:  “In Negril running in Reggae Marathon!” The Reggae Marathon starts well before race morning.  Airplane, bus or car…getting started on the trip to Negril begins when you’ve settled into your seat.  The experience gets better when you inhale your first breath of warm sea air in Negril…Ahhhhh!! If you haven’t ...[Read More]