RACE START: Dec 5 2015, 5:15 AM

5:15 am in Negril

I’ts 5:15 am in Negril on a warm Saturday morning in December.  And there a couple of thousand sleep deprived but excited runners racing off as Reggae Marathon Race Director Frano sends us off right on time!  In the mix are runners of every ability running and walking in one of the three events:  Full Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K.  We’ve been up since at least 4 am and have mingled ...[Read More]

Weekend in Miami

Reggae Marathon spent the weekend in Miami. Loved it!  We had a great time meeting runners and Reggae Marathon fans at the Miami Marathon Race Expo.  And to top it off, Reggae Marathon Race Director Frano completed the Half Marathon with a very respectable showing.  Congratulations on your finish Frano! Yes, it was a great weekend in Miami.  Here are some photos of Reggae Marathoners from near and ...[Read More]

Obsessive Runner?

I love running!  I’m an obsessive runner!  And proudly so… I run as often as I can.  When I travel I pack running gear and no matter the jet lag look forward to getting up before dawn to run in a new town or city.  I learn so much about a place by running along streets and through communities. I run when I’m tired.  I slog the first minutes with heavy steps and ragged breathing b ...[Read More]

Double Bling for Reggae Runnerz

Double Bling rewards Reggae Runnerz at Reggae Marathon!  Wow!! Back in the day we ran for T Shirts.  At all of my 10K races and even Triathalon events, I received a T Shirt as the only reward for competing in the event.  I had a small mountain of T Shirts that I loved and just could not get rid of even after they were well past their primes.  There were no finisher medals.  We competed for that T ...[Read More]