RACE START: Dec 5 2015, 5:15 AM

Memories of Beijing

I’ve got a few fabulous memories and images of Beijing seared into my memory bank after an amazing week in Beijing!  These are now added to my memories of the last time Jamaican Sprinters visited…and dominated…the Track at the Bird’s Nest.  And these new memories will last until the Olympics next Summer in Rio.  After a week of excitement, I can finally breathe! Until next ...[Read More]

100 days to Reggae Marathon

100 days!  Whoa…that crept up on me.  Just yesterday I was standing in the shallow surf on the beach at Long Bay Beach Park in Negril. I was sipping on a Red Stripe talking with fellow runners celebrating another sucessful Reggae Marathon. Now it’s just 100 days till we meet up to run in Negril at Reggae Marathon 2015.  Woo hoo! Just about everything you need to know you can get from t ...[Read More]

Keith Simpson The Alphabet Runner

Keith Simpson is The Alphabet Runner.  He’s a man on a mission and an unusual one at that.  You see, Keith is running 26 Marathons in aphabetical order.  He recently completed his ‘N’ Marathon, the Novi Sad Midnight Marathon.  For the rest of this year he has Ostrava, Podgorica, Queenstown, Reggae Marathon and San Silvestro. Yes, he chose our own Reggae Marathon for his ‘R& ...[Read More]

Runners Rant

Excuse me while I rant this week!  And sorry to say, it’s about Runners! Not all runners mind you, just the stupid…runners. Runners who run with headphones.  Now I appreciate a good running tune on occassion.  I sing to myself often when I’m out on a long run, feel myself slacking and need to pick up the pace.  But I don’t wear headphones.  You see, I run in the early morni ...[Read More]