RACE START: Dec 5 2015, 5:15 AM

Weekend in Miami

Reggae Marathon spent the weekend in Miami. Loved it!  We had a great time meeting runners and Reggae Marathon fans at the Miami Marathon Race Expo.  And to top it off, Reggae Marathon Race Director Frano completed the Half Marathon with a very respectable showing.  Congratulations on your finish Frano! Yes, it was a great weekend in Miami.  Here are some photos of Reggae Marathoners from near and ...[Read More]

Obsessive Runner?

I love running!  I’m an obsessive runner!  And proudly so… I run as often as I can.  When I travel I pack running gear and no matter the jet lag look forward to getting up before dawn to run in a new town or city.  I learn so much about a place by running along streets and through communities. I run when I’m tired.  I slog the first minutes with heavy steps and ragged breathing b ...[Read More]

Double Bling for Reggae Runnerz

Double Bling rewards Reggae Runnerz at Reggae Marathon!  Wow!! Back in the day we ran for T Shirts.  At all of my 10K races and even Triathalon events, I received a T Shirt as the only reward for competing in the event.  I had a small mountain of T Shirts that I loved and just could not get rid of even after they were well past their primes.  There were no finisher medals.  We competed for that T ...[Read More]

Upper body exercises for Runners

Upper body exercises for runners?  I have always had a love/hate affair with doing any exercising except running.  I’ve tried weights in the gym on occasion but have been inconsistent.  Truth?  I don’t like free weight or resistance machine workouts. However… Recently I’ve experienced ‘waist gain’.  You know what that is…although your weight doesn’t ...[Read More]