RACE START: Dec 5 2015, 5:15 AM

Proper running form

For a sport that’s so simple to take up and enjoy, runners sure talk a lot about running:  from shoes to clothing, personal bests to weather conditions.  Running, running, running.  One topic that comes up regularly is proper running form.  Proper running form is important so you can enjoy running for many years and minimize injuries. Whether starting out or an experienced runner, this chart ...[Read More]

Joan’s done it multiple times

And so have Larry, Debrah, Karen, Dan, Deena, Christopher and many other runners have also done it multiple times. I’ve done it six times and looking forward to number seven. What do we all have in common? We’ve all run at Reggae Marathon multiple times and are already registered for this year\s Reggae Marathon on December 5.  Full Marathon, Half Marathon or 10K…it’s all Re ...[Read More]

How to survive hot weather running

Hot weather running is something you either love or tolerate.  In Jamaica we thrive on warm weather running, after all we enjoy warm temperatures all year long.  Things that we do to ensure safe and enjoyable running in warmer temperatures include: Hydrate properly.  The key here is balance.  Not to over or under hydrate.  Water is always the safest bet to stay hydrated in warm temperatures.  If y ...[Read More]

I needed a kick in the butt this past weekend

I needed a kick in the butt this past weekend to get me out and running.  I have no idea why.  I wasn’t sick, I wasn’t out partying last Friday night.  For some reason I needed a boost to get out for my weekend runs.  I turned to my trusty source, Gibson’s Daily Running Quotes for a kick in the butt: “Go ahead and pick one: It’s too hot, cold, humid, windy, wet, icy. ...[Read More]