RACE START: Dec 6 2014, 5:15 AM

9 Days to Reggae Marathon: Sunscreen

Along with your running gear and beach wear, the next most important thing to bring to Negril is Sunscreen.  With miles and miles of soft white sand and warm Caribbean water gently lapping the shores, ‘catching some rays’ is one of the major activities before and after Reggae Marathon.  Worshiping the sun safely is only common sense.  Bring lots of Sunscreen.  Splurge for the waterproo ...[Read More]

10 Days to Reggae Marathon: Negril Christmas

Negril Christmas. Whoa…where did that year go?  Today makes it 10 days to Reggae Marathon 2014…my idea of an ideal running vacation:  Negril Christmas. OK, I may be a few days early and may not go to the extent of this Reggae Marathoner but it sure will feel good to run on the beach and the road in Negril on December 6: Are you up for dressing up at Reggae Marathon this year? Hint, hin ...[Read More]

Sunset Celebration Anyone?

There can be no finer reward for successfully completing the Reggae Marathon, Half Marathon or 10K than heading to Negril’s West End for a sunset celebration.  From high up on the cliffs, most vantage points allow for a breathtaking view of the sun sinking into the Caribbean Sea. One popular location is Rick’s Cafe.  It’s a busy spot but there are many great vantage points from w ...[Read More]

Negril 2 weeks today!

Road Trip!  Negril 2 weeks today! My second favourite part of the drive from Montego Bay to Negril is at the high point in the road on the approach to Lucea.  From that vantage point you can look across the bay itself and see the bustling town of Lucea.  It is my gateway to the other world experience that is Negril every December at Reggae Marathon.   My favourite part of the drive is driving into ...[Read More]