RACE START: Dec 6 2014, 5:15 AM

Finisher Medals … Bring on da Bling!

Back in the day I loved getting my Race T Shirt when I entered a race event.  Those were the days when 10K’s were all the rage.  Fast forward a few years…OK, quite a few years…and most races today provide a nice Race Kit that includes a Bag, T Shirt and Finisher Medal.  I’ve got the Reggae Marathon Bags, T shirts and Finisher Medals from all of my previous Reggae Marathon e ...[Read More]

No Beer till after Reggae Marathon!

Now that’s dedication!  I did it when I was in training for my first Reggae Marathon…the full Marathon.  I strayed the year I walked the 10K in my Walking Cast. But I did hold off from drinking beer before last year’s Reggae Marathon event.  The cold Red Stripe Beer at the finish went down very, very nicely! You may remember Marcel Gabriels of Belgium (How Belgium’s Marcel ...[Read More]

Comfy ride to Reggae Marathon via Knutsford Express

Sit back in air conditioned comfort and enjoy a movie while someone else does the driving to Negril for Reggae Marathon.  Now that’s a plan! Once again for Reggae Marathon the Knutsford Express offers convenient to and from travel to Negril from various points in Jamaica.  The prices are reasonable as well…and from personal experience I can tell you that the luxury Motor Coaches take t ...[Read More]

Accompong, Dupy Gate: Unusual Jamaican Place Names

You’ve already selected your Reggae Marathon name right?  If not you’ll need to before the race so click here:  Reggae Marathon Name. Good.  Now you’ll need a thorough primer on Jamaican Place Names.  Try these for starters: Accompong, established in 1739, is a Maroon settlement in St. Elizabeth.  It’s thought to have its name derived from the Ashanti word, ‘Nyamekopo ...[Read More]