RACE START: Dec 5 2015, 5:15 AM

Marcy’s 40th Birthday at Reggae Marathon

Marcy Ritsick celebrates her 40th birthday this December in Negril while on vacation with her husband.  And she’s doing it in style running in Reggae Marathon.  We can’t think of a better way to turn 40! Marcy is from West Hartford, Connecticut and has been running since age 30.  She was always an active kid and was enrolled in some type of organized sport her entire life…soccer, ...[Read More]

Negril Latitude and Longitude

Negril Latitude and Longitude.  These are the coordinates you need for Reggae Marathon December 5, 2015. Negril’s Latitude and Longitude places it in the Caribbean 90 miles east of Cuba, a short flight south from Miami.  Negril is called the Capital of Casual and that laid-back vibe makes it an ideal place for a relaxing vacation. Negril is on the western point of Jamaica and has two distinc ...[Read More]

Who’s coming to Reggae Marathon?

Who’s coming to Reggae Marathon?  It’s a ‘Who’s Who’ of runners from around the world coming to our 15th Anniversary Reggae Marathon this December from countries such as Belgium, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Columbia, Japan, Australia, Austria. Thinking of joining the party?  Register now and enjoy our Early Bird Rates:  Reggae Marathon 2015 Registration. Big group or smal ...[Read More]

What to do in Negril

Nothing!  It’s called ‘The Capital of Casual’ for good reason:  Vacationing in Negril is laid back…lounging on the white sand beach is a great way to chill out from the busy world back home.  And since you’re in Negril for Reggae Marathon there is the matter of running early morning on Saturday.  After you collect your Reggae Marathon Finisher Medal, there are some th ...[Read More]