RACE START: Dec 5 2015, 5:15 AM

My favourite mile at Reggae Marathon

My favourite mile at Reggae Marathon is the one between Mile 2 and Mile 3.  It was tough choosing though…the final 200 metres of the Full Marathon as you run to the finish listening to the music with the beach and Caribbean Sea literally feet away to your right came in a close second.  I also love Bob’s Mile: Motivational messages painted on sandwich boards and on the road have kept me ...[Read More]

5K Training Plan Part 3

Part 3 of Carrie Tollefson’s 5K Training Plan may not have you running like an Olympian but you will be training like one. In 5K Training Part 1 Carrie coverd the basics:  Speedwork, Tempo runs, Easy days and of course Rest.  In 5K Training Part 2, Carrie introduced Fartleks and Hills.  Now in 5K Training Part 3, Carrie finishes off with Intervals and Strides leading up to Race Day: As Carri ...[Read More]

Costa Rica in the House

The Costa Rica colours will be represented in Negril at Reggae Marathon this December 5.  That’s courtesy of Jeremy Vargas of San Jose, Costa Rica who we met in Miami earlier this year and who’s coming with a group of runners.  Jeremy’s a long-time runner (12 years) and he’s looking forward to racing in Negril.  He’ll be weather adjusted as well and I’m sure we& ...[Read More]

Boston here we come!

Boston here we come!  7 days away! Monday, April 20 is the 119th running of the Boston Marathon.  Over the years quite a number of Reggae Marathoners have made the trip to Boston:  TurboJet!!. That’s Jetola a regular at Reggae Marathon. She’s been talking excitedly on Facebook for a while now and we’ll be following her and all the other Reggae Marathoners who are running next Mon ...[Read More]