RACE START: Dec 2 2017, 5:15 AM

Endurance Traveler follows Rohan Marley as he Attempts the Reggae Marathon

Fox Sports Net’s newest series, Endurance Traveler, heads to Jamaica this week to tackle the Reggae Marathon, give viewers an exclusive tour of the Bob Marley Museum and join former college football star and one of Jamaica’s favorite sons, Rohan Marley, as he attempts his first distance race. The only travel show ever featured on FSN is coming off a big ratings increase and is giving v ...[Read More]

Thanks for your comments on the Reggae Marathon Blog

We love your comments on our Reggae Marathon blog posts.  And we are looking forward to meeting all of you at the Reggae Marathon December 4 in Negril.  Lets plan to connect Friday evening at the Reggae Marathon pasta party.  In the meantime, here are some of the comments we have received so far. Keep them coming:   From Angela who commented on the “Who’s this new guy on the Reggae Marathon blog”: ...[Read More]

The Reggae Marathon Run… Respect!

Respect! That is the answer to a frequently asked question from out-of-Jamaica runners about how to handle the temperature at the Reggae Marathon. For most runners from USA and England, training at home for warmer Negril temperature in December is a challenge. Some tips: 1. Plan to run a little slower. 2. Hydrate. Take advantage of the bag water and Gatorade at every mile aid station. 3. Wear a ha ...[Read More]

“How I fell in love with the Reggae Marathon”, George Colombo

In 2004, my 50th birthday fell on a Saturday. This made the idea of running a marathon on my birthday a distinct possibility. As I looked around to see where marathons were to be held on the big day (i.e. one of those birthdays that end with a zero), one race stood out, Jamaica’s Reggae Marathon. Before I knew anything else about it, I knew that it possessed an attribute that was singular an ...[Read More]