RACE START: Dec 2 2018, 5:15 AM

“5 Tips for Setting Goals and Achieving Them”, Angie Newton

This week’s guest blog post comes to us from Angie Newton who was in Negril last December with her husband. Angie has a healthy weight loss blog where she writes about her weight loss and fitness journey and where she shares tips on living a healthy lifestyle. You can also find Angie on Facebook.  Here are her 5 quick tips for setting goals and achieving them: Follow these simple tips the next tim ...[Read More]

The 5 stages of running injury grief

Little did I know when I injured my foot last August that it would 8 months and counting of recovery.  In over 25 years of running I’ve never had a serious injury.  Yes I’ve had some setbacks along the way…shin splints, hip and knee pain, sprained ankles but nothing that stopped me from running.  I ran through everything. That streak ended last August while I was ramping up my training ...[Read More]

Training tips to improve your running

I don’t stretch before I run.  I never have although I’ve received lots of advice over the years about the benefits of stretching.  I prefer to start off at a slow pace and as I warm up pick up the pace.   However since I’ve experienced a couple of nagging leg injuries recently, I’ve found a new respect for stretching before going out for my run.  Here is an article that provides a great depth of ...[Read More]

A few more of our favorite pictures from the Boston Marathon

That’s Reggae Marathon’s Gina Harrison having waaaay too good a time at the Boston Marathon expo last weekend.  Here are some more of our favorite pictures from the Boston Marathon last weekend. Here are repeat Reggae Marathon runners, Judy and Robert from North Carolina.  Robert is thinking this December will be his 3rd Reggae Marathon. Multiple Reggae Marathon  participant Angela Gon ...[Read More]