RACE START: Dec 2 2018, 5:15 AM

Navin Sadarangani’s Reggae Marathon

I first learned about the annual marathon in Jamaica early in 2010. Back then I was in the Bahamas and I wanted to use the Reggae Marathon trip to visit my brother & his family in Jamaica. During one of our training runs in March with my friends from the ‘Bahamas Road Masters’ running group, the topic came up and while a couple of others seemed interested too.  By September I was committed to ...[Read More]

Could you run the Reggae Marathon barefoot?

How much would you pay for a hat that made you stupid? Just think of it… what sort of value would you place on a magic piece of headgear that could suddenly make all of your knowledge inaccessible and all of your know-how unusable? If you’re like most people, not only would you refuse to pay money for such a hat, but you’d likely also avoid wearing one at all costs. It simply doesn’t make se ...[Read More]

The perfect recipe for the Superbowl

Jerk Chicken + Deluxe Fried Rice + Red Stripe = the perfect Reggae Marathon recipe for watching the Superbowl in Dallas this Sunday.  While the recipe below may not beat the offerings we get at the Reggae Marathon Pasta Party, they are quick and tasty and are sure to hit the spot this Sunday. Do you have any favourites planned for the Superbowl this weekend? Jerk Chicken Chicken legs, thighs, wing ...[Read More]

What are your favourite running shoes?

Over the years I’ve run in every brand of running shoes that exists.  Asics, Nike, New Balance, Saconey, Adidas, etc. I have tried every style including running flats, trail shoes and even the bizarre ‘air pump’ shoe that didn’t have laces!  Because I have fairly wide feet and have been dealing with falling arches, I am now more concerned than ever about proper fit and less so about style.  ...[Read More]