RACE START: Dec 2 2018, 5:15 AM

Favourite photos of Negril and the Reggae Marathon

Yes, that’s Reggae Marathon Race Director Frano enjoying himself at the Reggae Marathon.  Here are some of our favourite photos from last December in Negril. Burt Carlson who has successfully completed countless marathon’s and ultra marathons connected with Olympian Carrie Tollefson Friday night at the Pasta Party.  That set the tone for the 10th anniversary Reggae Marathon. And speaki ...[Read More]

5 Days in Paradise in Negril at the Reggae Marathon

It all starts with the decision to register for the 2011 Reggae Marathon, December 3, 2011.  After that you can be assured that the 5 days from Wednesday to Monday on the beach in Negril, the Capital of Casual will be among the best vacation and running days you will enjoy. After your flight arrives in Montego Bay late Wednesday afternoon, you’ll have a straightforward road trip through downtown M ...[Read More]

Runners loving the Reggae Marathon experience

Michelle, Rod, Jeff and Sheila all ran in the ½ Marathon at the Reggae Marathon.  They all had a great time and shared their experiences: Michelle H. finished 2nd. Her email really captured the spirit of Saturday: I really enjoyed the race.  Was super pleased with my performance since I suffered bruised knees after a too-close encounter with a cab. Interesting experience over all that is for sure. ...[Read More]

The top 7 things runners think about while running

I don’t run with headphones.  I’ve never found ones that fit comfortably plus they seem like a safety hazard:  I want to hear the oncoming vehicles. On my long runs I have a lot of time to think.  And think I do solving all the problems of the world every time I go out.  Of course when training for a race, the focus shifts entirely to very specific goals.  But I’ve always wondered what ...[Read More]