RACE START: Dec 2 2018, 5:15 AM

What’s it like to run in Negril in December in the Reggae Marathon?

How hot is it?  Because we get runners from the northern United States, the UK and Europe, that’s likely the most frequently asked question about the Reggae Marathon.   Yes it’s warmer than northern climates…that’s the reason you’re coming to Negril…but the Reggae Marathon race organizers are well prepared to help you get through it successfully. Let’s deal with the temperature.  Negri ...[Read More]

Tapering your training for the Reggae Marathon

The toughest thing for me is to taper my training before a big running event.  It’s no different again this year with just a few weeks to go now before the Reggae Marathon.  I still feel the need to do speed work and my weekly long slow distance run. Ramone Williams the intrepid Reggae Marathon go-to-person put together some training tips about eating and hydration to maximize your performance. It ...[Read More]

Mile 13.1 of the Reggae Marathon

I knew it would be a long and challenging experience at the Reggae Marathon.  I run and train all year in temperatures significantly colder than the mid-70’s at the start at 5:15 am.  And unlike the Team Lipstick gang from New York who arrive early for the Reggae Marathon and set up their training base in Negril at the Rock House in the West End, I really won’t have time to fully acclimatize again ...[Read More]

See you on the beach after the Reggae Marathon in Negril

My favourite time of day is just before sunrise.  When I worked the all-night shift years ago, the hours between 4 am and 6 am were my favourite.  The late-night crowd were winding down while the early risers were just getting started.  It was the quietest time of my shift.  Early morning is also my favourite time of day for running.  There’s less traffic on the roads and it’s usually quiet.  I wa ...[Read More]