RACE START: Dec 2 2018, 5:15 AM

No sleep for runners this Friday before the Reggae Marathon

Despite my best intentions I will go to bed late this Friday after the Reggae Marathon Pasta Party.  And I’ll dream about the race.  But that’s why I’m a runner. Packing is completed, airline tickets checked and re-checked and and the camera is fully charged. I can’t believe its been a year since the last Reggae Marathon but here we go again! Thursday morning I’ll see ...[Read More]

Silver Bird Steel Orchestra at the Reggae Marathon Pasta Party

I’m packed and ready to go.  I’ve checked and re-checked the airline tickets.  I’ve obsessed over the weather forecast for Saturday morning:  comfortable in the low 70’s F for the 5:15 am start.  And don’t ask how many times I’ve re-packed my running gear.  Yes, I’m totally pumped for the Reggae Marathon in Negril just days away now. Friday night at the Reggae Marathon Pasta Party at the Couples S ...[Read More]

Timmi Burrell live on stage at the Reggae Marathon Victory Party

What would the Reggae Marathon be without a party?  It starts Friday night at the Pasta Party at Couples Swept Away.  Make sure you stop by the Media tent just inside the Sporting Complex entrance and say hi.  I’ll be there from 3 pm on Friday afternoon.  On Saturday morning the party continues with the torch light start at 5:15 am.  All the running and walking events start at the same time:  the ...[Read More]

Reggae Marathon finish less than two weeks away…

I hate finish lines.  10 kilometres, ½ half marathons or full marathons.  It doesn’t matter the distance or the event or how many races I’ve run.  I still have a love/hate experience with the finish line. Last year was my first Reggae Marathon.  It was also the first marathon I successfully completed. The last 200 yards were particularly bittersweet after all the training, injuries and set b ...[Read More]