2 weeks to Reggae Marathon

2 weeks to Reggae Marathon

2 weeks to Reggae Marathon.  A little over two weeks actually but with so many Reggae Marathoners arriving in Negril a few days ahead of Race Day December 5, it’s pretty safe to say that the Reggae Marathon Experience starts two weeks today! We’ve had emails, Facebook messages and calls with runners who are counting the sleeps to Reggae Marathon.  Some of you have started packing alrea ...[Read More]

Summer of 2016 Re-cap

What a summer! Weather, running, Rio. It seemed that every weekend was packed with action.  And now with the kids heading back to school, we’re looking forward to fall…and the countdown to Reggae Marathon December 3 in Negril.  Here’s our summer of 2016 re-cap: Here at Reggae Marathon our Facebook family is pretty special.  You’re not shy about sharing your stories and exci ...[Read More]

3 Months to Reggae Marathon

3 months to Reggae Marathon.  Time to ‘freak out!’ Every year when it gets to September the realization that it’s now only 3 months to Reggae Marathon kicks in.  Up to this point on the calendar it’s an intellectual discussion:  “I’m going to Reggae Marathon December 3”.  Then once August closes out it becomes raw emotion:  “I’M GOING TO NEGRIL ...[Read More]

Favourite Mile at Reggae Marathon

What’s your favourite mile at Reggae Marathon?  Mine is Mile 6 and here’s why: At my pace, I hit Mile 6 after the sun has risen and made it above the tree line.  The bright sunlight reveals the line of runners stretching ahead and behind Approaching Mile 6, the finish line on the left comes into view.  If running the 10K, it’s only a few hundred metres to go to the finish and my ...[Read More]

All aboard the Knutsford Express

All aboard the Knutsford Express to Negril for Reggae Marathon Sweet 16!  Fares and Schedules are listed below (keep this handy).  You can book directly at this link:  Knutsford Express Reggae Marathon.  Travel in air-conditioned comfort with somebody else doing the driving…what better way to get to Reggae Marathon this December 3! FARES & SCHEDULE: Prepaid Roundtrip Same Day Roundtrip P ...[Read More]

4 Months to Reggae Marathon

4 months to Reggae Marathon.  Time to get to serious training! The most frequent question we get about Reggae Marathon is, ‘How hot is it in Negril?’  Short answer:  If you’re coming from a northern climate whether east or west, you will find it much warmer in Negril in early December.  You will need to adjust your expectations on pacing. So…what’s the best advice on ...[Read More]

Reggae Marathon: 15 years in the making

Reggae Marathon:  15 years in the making.  It all began in 2001… And just like that we’re looking forward to Reggae Marathon number 16.  We’ve grown quite a bit over the 15 years since that first race but we’ve remained true to our roots and vision:  Running a world-class Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K, providing the best runner care and delivering a true and authentic Jam ...[Read More]

Tottori, Japan meets Negril, Jamaica

Tottori, Japan meets Negril, Jamaica.  And it came about because of a shared passion for running! Recently, Dignitaries from Tottori travelled to Negril to meet their Jamaican counterparts in Tourism and Running. Note Reggae Marathon’s Race Director, Frano styling in his Pumas! The photo above captured the meetup: Mr Fitz Davis – Westmoreland Parish Council  – COMMERCIAL SERVICES MANAG ...[Read More]

Dining under the stars

Dining under the stars at the Reggae Marathon Pasta Party is the first taste of the Reggae Marathon Experience. Call it Carbo Loading if you must but with the music and entertainment, it’s easy to enjoy sharing a meal with old friends while meeting new ones. The Reggae Marathon Pasta Party takes place at the Couples Swept Away Sporting Complex.  It’s the same location where you can reg ...[Read More]

Everything is irie

“No problem…everything is irie!”.  Danielle Cemprola had this revelation at Reggae Marathon last December.  An addmitted worrier who stresses about almost everything, she stopped to take a picture of the sun rise while into her Half Marathon and ended up taking a selfie with some local spectators.  It then hit her:  “It’s hard not to have fun when you’re going w ...[Read More]