Arms Up

Arms Up

Arms Up! At some point at Reggae Marathon it’s arms up when the photographer aims their lens at you.  And as is often the case, you manage a big smile.  Here are a few runners from last year’s Reggae Marathon with arms up and smiling BIG! No break in stride, just a nice smile and confident wave.  Making it look easy too.  If all our runs could look this effortless… Now this is ho ...[Read More]

Eye Spy

Eye spy … a whole lot of running friends getting ready to make the trek to Negril for Reggae Marathon Sweet 16.  Again this December 3, runners from over 30 countries will line up on the road at Long Bay Beach Park waiting for Race Director Frano to send us off at 5:15 am.  We’ve heard from South Africa, Great Britain, Germany, multiple countries in Asia and lots of cities throughout t ...[Read More]

Summer of 2016 Re-cap

What a summer! Weather, running, Rio. It seemed that every weekend was packed with action.  And now with the kids heading back to school, we’re looking forward to fall…and the countdown to Reggae Marathon December 3 in Negril.  Here’s our summer of 2016 re-cap: Here at Reggae Marathon our Facebook family is pretty special.  You’re not shy about sharing your stories and exci ...[Read More]

Nothing but the beach

Before and after Reggae Marathon it’s nothing but the beach. All 7 miles of beautiful white Negril beach sand! After arriving in Negril the first thing I do ischange into my bathing suit and head down to the beach. Dipping my toes into the warm Caribbean marks the official start of my Reggae Marathon!  I love running on the beach, sunning on the beach, walking in shallow water on the beach&# ...[Read More]

A night to savour

The Reggae Marathon…a night to savour. Runners started to line up just before 5:30 pm for the Reggae Marathon Pasta Party at the Couples Swept Away Sporting Complex.  What’s that I hear: A little tummy growling? Food, glorious food.  Chefs from a number of the Negril area hotels did it up once again with bountiful pasta and side dishes.  The biggest challenge:  Not overdoing it!  5:15 ...[Read More]

More Memories of Negril

Here are some more memories of Negril…and all before the Pasta Party has even begun! Pretty sure this is a face of pure happiness…yes, let’s stick with that.  And what’s not to be happy about:  Negril in December! There isn’t anyone who hasn’t done ‘The Bolt’.  Well maybe a few people…but not here at Reggae Marathon. And if two can do ‘Th ...[Read More]

Basking on the Beach

Basking on the beach in Negril is one of the rewards for running in Reggae Marathon.  White sand beach, warm Carribbean lapping gently feet away from my lounge.  Cold Red Stripe at hand. Ahhhhh… Until next time… Reggae Marathon RunninGuy (aka Sugar ‘Tuff Gong’ Bong) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For more information check the Reggae Marathon Web Site Click here for more details on ...[Read More]

Postcards from Negril

I can’t take enough photographs when I’m in Negril for Reggae Marathon.  And thanks to all of you for posting them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!  For this photocollage of postcards from Negril, Google served up quite an assortment.  There are some great shots and memories in here.  You may even see yourself! Enjoy! Until next time… Reggae Marathon RunninGuy (aka Sugar ‘Tuff ...[Read More]

Memories of Beijing

I’ve got a few fabulous memories and images of Beijing seared into my memory bank after an amazing week in Beijing!  These are now added to my memories of the last time Jamaican Sprinters visited…and dominated…the Track at the Bird’s Nest.  And these new memories will last until the Olympics next Summer in Rio.  After a week of excitement, I can finally breathe! Until next ...[Read More]

100 days to Reggae Marathon

100 days!  Whoa…that crept up on me.  Just yesterday I was standing in the shallow surf on the beach at Long Bay Beach Park in Negril. I was sipping on a Red Stripe talking with fellow runners celebrating another sucessful Reggae Marathon. Now it’s just 100 days till we meet up to run in Negril at Reggae Marathon 2015.  Woo hoo! Just about everything you need to know you can get from t ...[Read More]