I need your help! I’m suffering serious Reggae Marathon withdrawl symptoms. The diagnosis is serious.  The prescription:  Pictures. Lots of your Reggae Marathon pictures. From last year…actually any year!  The older the better.  Post them directly on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag, #reggaemarathon Reggae Marathon Instagram:  @reggaemarathon Reggae Marathon Facebook: h ...[Read More]

Finisher medal just steps away

Head covering…Check! Sunglasses…Check! Running watch…Check! That’s Larry Savitch of Easy Skankin. We caught this photo of multiple Reggae Marathoner Larry as he was closing in on his finisher medal at the end of his Half Marathon last December. Until next time… Reggae Marathon RunninGuy (aka Sugar ‘Tuff Gong’ Bong) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Register for Regga ...[Read More]

In the dark before Reggae Marathon

We walk to the start of Reggae Marathon in the dark well before dawn and still basking in the glow of Friday night’s Pasta Party.  And even though slightly sleep deprived, we break out in ear to ear smiles for the camera.  All for the unique experience of the 5:15 am start in the dark.  Take a look through these ‘before’ Reggae Marathon photos?  Did we capture your smile? We run ...[Read More]

Smilin Faces at Reggae Marathon

Smilin Faces at Reggae Marathon.  1,900 of them at 5:30 am in the morning at the start, at 7 am during one of our three race events and especially post-race.  Here are a few of the smilin faces … from the Ladies! The Reggae Marathon drone was buzzing overhead throughout the entire morning last December.  It may have been buzzing a little more closely for this Reggae Marathoner.  Music, Garmi ...[Read More]

Negril Sunrise

The sunrise in Negril could be the most beautiful in the world!  Yes that’s a biased opinion and yes I stand by it after enjoying a number of Negril sunrise runs over the past 6 years at Reggae Marathon. I prefer to run along the main road in Negril but running along the hard packed sand as the sun rises over the trees is a great way to start the day.  Especially when that sunrise run is fol ...[Read More]

Hanging out in Negril

1,800 or so of our best friends like hanging out in Negril on the first Saturday of December every year.  You can find us walking down the centre of Norman Manley Boulevard on our way to Long Bay Beach Park for the start of Reggae Marathon.  And you’ll be sure to spot us milling around the Start area chatting nervously and anxiously and swaying to the loud Reggae blasting from the Sound Syst ...[Read More]