Gibson’s Daily Running Quotes

Are you a Runner?

Are you a Runner?

Are you a runner?  If you get up early in the morning to go for a run, you’re a runner.  If you skip lunch to go for a run, you’re a runner.  If you come home and go for a run before supper, you’re a runner!  Fast or slow, if you overcome the inertia and urge to procrastinate and go out for a run, you’re a runner!  Here’s a little inspiration to get you over that hump ...[Read More]

Wednesday Running Motivation

Wednesday Running Motivation

It’s Wednesday.  Time for a little mid-week Running Motivation “Challenging yourself to accomplish more than you know you can is never stupid—it helps show you what you are capable of. It creates a new frame of reference, one you can draw upon in the face of other things that are perceived as being tough in your life. It shows you possibilities you didn’t know existed.”  ...[Read More]

Running Therapy

Ahhh…a little Running Therapy!  From our favourite inspirational source, Gibson’s Daily Running Quotes: “Running is the best therapy I’ve ever had. We burn, we push, we sweat, we suffocate and we see that we are stronger and more refined for our pain. The awareness of this strength gives us the confidence we need to go home, shower, and face the rest of our day, our week, o ...[Read More]

Running: It’s all in the mind

Running:  It’s all in the mind!  Sure there’s a bit of physicality but the motivation to get up, get dressed and get running begins in the …mind! “You run the first 20 miles of the marathon with your body. You run the last six miles and 385 yards with your soul. It is somewhere around that 20-mile mark, ‘THE WALL,’ that the mind begins to scream enough is enough ...[Read More]

Things in life that matter

There are things in life that matter and things that don’t.  The wise person has learned how to tell the difference…and focus on the important things: “My time, the rank I attain, my outward appearance – all of these are secondary. For a runner like me, what’s really important is reaching the goal I set myself, under my own power. I give it everything I have, endure what ne ...[Read More]

Mid-week motivation

How about some mid-week motivation?   “It’s wrong to believe that you need a certain physical body type to run. All body types can run. It’s not about your legs, muscles, or cellulite. It’s not about the physical side of things. If you train your brain, your body will follow. It’s that simple. The hard part isn’t getting your body in shape. The hard part is ...[Read More]

Wednesday Running Motivation

I saw that quote above and that led to these which seemed perfect to go along with the last day of April…and Hump Day! “My running is fun. Not ha-ha fun, but a quieter kind of contented fun. Not fun every minute of every day, but fun in the overall effect. My running is easy and comfortable, and it feels good. Seldom is there a morning when I don’t feel 100 percent better in the ...[Read More]

I’ll always be a Runner

I’ll always be a runner.  For over 30 years now I’ve been a runner.  When I’ve slowed down to a shuffle, in my mind I’ll still be a runner. These quotes and inspirational photos are from one of my favorite motivation places, Gibson’s Daily Running Quotes. They keep me going on those dark mornings when going for a run is the farthest thing from my mind. “I will a ...[Read More]