Running: It’s all in the mind

Running:  It’s all in the mind!  Sure there’s a bit of physicality but the motivation to get up, get dressed and get running begins in the …mind! “You run the first 20 miles of the marathon with your body. You run the last six miles and 385 yards with your soul. It is somewhere around that 20-mile mark, ‘THE WALL,’ that the mind begins to scream enough is enough ...[Read More]

Run with Passion

Run with passion!  Live life with passion! That and a few more motivating and inspiring running sayings today: “Running has taught me that the pursuit of a passion matters more than the passion itself. Immerse yourself in something deeply and with heartfelt intensity—continually improve, never give up—this is fulfillment, this is success.” – Dean Karnazes, Ultramarathon Man: Confession ...[Read More]

Mid-week motivation

How about some mid-week motivation?   “It’s wrong to believe that you need a certain physical body type to run. All body types can run. It’s not about your legs, muscles, or cellulite. It’s not about the physical side of things. If you train your brain, your body will follow. It’s that simple. The hard part isn’t getting your body in shape. The hard part is ...[Read More]

Inspiring the day

Some days…and runs…are inspiring.  Others need a little inspiration.  Either way, these inspiring running quotes from Gibson’s Daily Running Quotes will get you going: “There is no list of rules. The most wonderful aspect about running, compared to other sports, is that each of us determines where, when, how far and how fast to run. We are the captains of our running ships ...[Read More]

Pump you up

It’s time for a little running inspiration and motivation to pump you up.  Not that you need it of course…like me I know you love to get up early and go running every day. “For most of my life, lacing up for a run has been as much a part of my day as taking a shower… Just like many avid runners, I have found running to be the ultimate therapy. Running alone helps me sort th ...[Read More]

Keep Running!

Do you love to run early in the morning run?  Or do you prefer to finish your day with a run?  Either way, running each day is just something we do, like breathing.  These are some quotes we found recently that keep us running! “I have to run first thing in the morning (I am talking about 5AM) to get it done and out of the way and crossed off my very long ‘to do’ list. Then I am at pea ...[Read More]

Wednesday Running Motivation

I saw that quote above and that led to these which seemed perfect to go along with the last day of April…and Hump Day! “My running is fun. Not ha-ha fun, but a quieter kind of contented fun. Not fun every minute of every day, but fun in the overall effect. My running is easy and comfortable, and it feels good. Seldom is there a morning when I don’t feel 100 percent better in the ...[Read More]

Running T Shirt Inspiration

I just love the sayings that fellow runners have on the running T Shirts.  They seem to be especially interesting and inspiring at Reggae Marathon.  Maybe it has to do with the fact that we’re in Negril, Jamaica in December!  Judging by the T Shirt above, this Reggae Marathoner is one strong and confident runner!  Here are some others: That’s Ingrid Wilson and one of the Runner’s ...[Read More]

Meet Lisa Laws, Runner!

Calling Lisa just a ‘Runner’ may be an understatement.  I connected with Lisa virtually after last December’s Reggae Marathon.  She and a group of ladies were down for the race weekend.  I met some of her group who were staying at our hotel but unfortunately I didn’t meet Lisa in person.  Since then we’ve become Facebook Friends and spoken on the phone.  I’m loo ...[Read More]

At Reggae Marathon Remember to ‘Wave’

Not everyone can be as effusive as the Reggae Marathoner above.  In addition to regular training it’s important to to get the ‘Wave’ right for the Reggae Marathon photographers.  Helping you get ready are examples from a mexican pharmacy few Reggae Marathon runners: A casual flip of the hand is a good place to start.  It shows confidence and acknowledges the feat of running in Re ...[Read More]