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A Chance Encounter In Miami

A Chance Encounter In Miami

A chance encounter in Miami at the Miami Marathon Race Expo in 2015 led to us connecting with Jason Roering from Minnesota.  We’re super excited to meet Jason again this December in Negril when he makes the trek to run the Reggae Marathon 10K. Jason graciously shared his running story with us: I was born in Minnesota and like many children, loved to run. When I was older and in high school s ...[Read More]

Easy Skankin returns to Reggae Marathon 2012

Once was not enough…Larry Savitch and Easy Skankin from Florida, New York will be back at Reggae Marathon this December to help wrap up the year-long 50th Anniversary celebrations of Jamaica’s Independence (Come Home Jamaica). Shhh…they think they are really coming to run in cialis online pharmacy Reggae Marathon but we know why their real motivation. Last year Easy Skankin had a ...[Read More]

Reggae Marathon post-race tips

This week Reggae Marathon’s ‘Ask Dan’ answers the question, “What to do post race?: “This is a bit of a loaded question with several aspects to, and a clock running on what “post-race” means.  It is probably best to start as you cross the finish line and go from there.  Here are some thoughts. Actually, this is a free bit of advice for the very end of your race (pre-post-race, if you will) a ...[Read More]

See what you are in for at the Reggae Marathon

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth a billion.  And I don’t mean JA $s. To borrow the Jamaica Tourist Board advertising slogan, “Once you go you know”, here is the official video from last year’s Reggae Marathon to give you a little taste of what you’re in for: Don’t just come in for the race on Saturday morning.  Plan on arriving a couple of days before to get acclimatize ...[Read More]