Pumas Unleashed!

Nothing beats a new pair of running shoes!   It was exciting opening the box to reveal what was inside: No more discount shoe shopping for the Reggae Marathon RunninGuy.  These Puma Faas 1000 running shoes are going to look great at Reggae Marathon this December. Until next time… Reggae Marathon RunninGuy (aks Sugar ‘Tuff Gong’ Bong) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For more information ch ...[Read More]

What’s in the box?

This arrived unannounced today.  I shook it gently in case it was fragile.  I couldn’t see who or where it was shipped from.  Hmmm…wonder what’s in the box? Any guesses?  I like opening presents…Stay tuned for the reveal. Until next time… Reggae Marathon RunninGuy (aks Sugar ‘Tuff Gong’ Bong) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For more information check the Reggae Mar ...[Read More]

Say Hi to Reggae Marathon Sponsors

Along with ‘the best volunteers in the world’, the Reggae Marathon Sponsors make it possible to deliver the best Reggae Marathon Experience in Negril every year.  Here is our updated list of Sponsors for the 13th running of Reggae Marathon December 7: Altamont Court Hotel                                    American Airlines Best Dressed Chicken Burger King Jamaica Coldfield Manufacturi ...[Read More]

What’s on your T Shirt?

My biggest challenge each December is what T-Shirt to wear for Reggae Marathon.  Do I wear one of my technical running shirts or do I ‘christen’ the Reggae Marathon T-Shirt that comes in my Reggae Marathon Race Kit?  Decisions, decisions… This gentleman runner went back a couple of years of his Reggae Marathon experiences with this T-Shirt.  I’m looking forward to seeing wh ...[Read More]

Reggae Marathon Race Kit…Nice!

OK, you don’t get your Finisher’s Medal until generic cialis pill you’ve complete your race, the 10 K, Half Marathon or Full Marathon.  But it is a really cool Finishers Medal to go along with the swag in the Reggae Marathon Race Kit. Like you, I immediately dive into my Race Kit as soon as I’ve completed Registration.  The highlight for me, especially so at Reggae Marathon ...[Read More]

2 Days to Reggae Marathon: Pasta Party Friday Night!

Oops…looks like I goofed on the math. Today makes it 2 days to the Reggae Marathon Pasta viagra without prescription Party Friday night at the Couples Swept Away Sporting Complex in Negril. Still 3 sleeps till Reggae Marathon Saturday morning. Head to the Couples Swept Away Sporting Complex late Friday afternoon to pick up your Race Kit before the ‘World’s Best Pasta Party‘ ...[Read More]

7 Days to Reggae Marathon: Donate your running shoes

I’m donating two pairs of Pumas at Reggae Marathon this year.  Are you? Every year Reggae Marathon collects these gently used running shoes, cleans them up and gives them to local kids to run in.  It’s another way Reggae Marathon gives back. Look out for the specially marked donation bins in two locations:  one at Registration (at Couples Swept Away Sporting Complex) and the other afte ...[Read More]

Reggae Marathon: Couldn’t do it without you!

As a runner who has competed in many race events over the years, I am always impressed with the total commitment from the army of people necessary to successfully pull off a major race event.  It’s a year-long job and involves staff, volunteers and sponsors.  Reggae Marathon is blessed with a vast support system that allows us as runners to enjoy the event each year.  I’ve noted the vo ...[Read More]

Big Breakfast Day on Sunday…an update on speed training

“I had a big breakfast on Sunday”.  Eggs, hash browns, toast, bacon.  There I said it and it feels good.  I know it’s not the typical Jamaican-style breakfast of Ackee and Saltfish but I had a massive (for me anyway) training weekend and well, I deserved it!  It wasn’t as tasty as the Reggae Marathon Pasta Party buffet being enjoyed by those Reggae Marathoners in the photo ...[Read More]