Rebecca Leheup

Eat to run: 3 runners coming to Reggae Marathon

Eat to run!  Been there, done that! The title of today’s Reggae Marathon blog post was inspired by one of the runners coming to Reggae Marathon for the first time this year.  And she’s coming with friends…  Rebecca has been running for about 6 years and started running as a way to get rid of her post-baby bump.  She’s coming to her first Reggae Marathon this year.  She̵ ...[Read More]

Rebecca’s 1sts: First trip to Jamaica & First Marathon!

“It was a dark and stormy night and I was on Twitter reading running Tweets…”  One day in the not too distant future an award-winning novel will start with that line and I wanted to claim it first.  Seriously though, I have met some really interesting runners who all have interesting stories.  Last week I met another runner who Tweeted about her excitement surrounding Reggae Mara ...[Read More]