Basking on the Beach

Basking on the beach in Negril is one of the rewards for running in Reggae Marathon.  White sand beach, warm Carribbean lapping gently feet away from my lounge.  Cold Red Stripe at hand. Ahhhhh… Until next time… Reggae Marathon RunninGuy (aka Sugar ‘Tuff Gong’ Bong) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For more information check the Reggae Marathon Web Site Click here for more details on ...[Read More]

A run in the Sun

“How hot is it at Reggae Marathon?”  That’s the number one question we get from first-timers to Reggae Marathon.  Yes it’s warm with average start-time temperatures in the mid-20 Celsius range rising a few degrees after the sun comes up.  If you’re coming from a cooler climate and haven’t run in warm conditions prior to coming to Negril, you will need to adjust. ...[Read More]

Negril Latitude and Longitude

Negril Latitude and Longitude.  These are the coordinates you need for Reggae Marathon December 5, 2015. Negril’s Latitude and Longitude places it in the Caribbean 90 miles east of Cuba, a short flight south from Miami.  Negril is called the Capital of Casual and that laid-back vibe makes it an ideal place for a relaxing vacation. Negril is on the western point of Jamaica and has two distinc ...[Read More]

Reggae Marathon 2013: All that eating with the nicest people

The came, they saw, they ran.  And it was good.  Correct that…it was GREAT! Everyone at Reggae Marathon has a personal story.  One of the big ones is what the marketing mucky-mucks calls “Destination Running/Sports Tourism”.  Sounds so formal.  Lisa Laws of Reggae Runnerz dubbed it “Runcation”.  That sounds so much better.  No matter what you call Reggae Marathon, the ...[Read More]

Friends and Family at Reggae Marathon

No one runs alone at Reggae Marathon.  From the excitement of the Pasta Party Friday night to the start in the early morning Saturday through to the Post-race party, it seems like one big family get together at Reggae Marathon.  Even for first-timers. At my first Reggae Marathon 5 years ago I traveled to Negril with my wife with great anticipation…and some apprehension.  I was registered for ...[Read More]

Reggae Marathon 2013 Race Event Schedule

Reggae Marathon 2013 begins in Negril, Jamaica on Thursday, December 5.  And even though it’s a relaxing vacation in ‘The Capital of Casual’, there are events and times you won’t want to miss.  Particularly the Reggae Marathon Start Time Saturday morning at 5:15 am.  Below is a schedule of events for the entire Reggae Marathon event.  Click on the image to download a copy: ...[Read More]

A few Reggae Marathoners out for a Run

This blog post is all about the runners who make it to Negril on the first Saturday of December to take part in Reggae Marathon.  Reggae Marathon is not the largest race I’ve run in but it is the best!  From the outdoor Pasta Party on Friday night at Couples Swept Away Sporting Complex to the 5:15 am Torch Light start Saturday to the post-race party on the white sand of Negril Beach, it is a ...[Read More]

How we roll at Reggae Marathon

And I don’t mean roller-blade! Jamaica is famous for many things: Beaches and sunshine…the best in the world (in my humble opinion) especially the ‘miles of white sand’ in Negril Coffee!  A hot cup of Blue Mountain coffee on a cold winter morning (or chilly fall or spring)…need I say more Ice cold Red Stripe Beer.  Especially the one you get immediately after completi ...[Read More]

142 Black Girl Runners coming to Reggae Marathon 2013

UPDATE!!! 160!  That’s the new total of the ladies that are joining Lisa Laws this December 7 at Reggae Marathon 2013! ========================================== If there was a trophy for diligence and perseverance in the face of challenges, Lisa Laws of Black Girls Run would win it!  142 Black Girls Run in total will be in Negril for Reggae Marathon 2013, December 7.  And from what I’ ...[Read More]

Reggae Marathon in Pictures: Hands Up!

“Hands Up” at Reggae Marathon is a good thing.  We may be tired but for that moment when the official photographer snaps the photo, Reggae Marathoners know how to ‘smile for the camera’.  The photo above is of course the “Bolt’.  Check out the form of acheter du cialis en ligne these other guys. This is “Celebratory”.  I’m here, I’m doing ...[Read More]