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Jamaica Visa Requirements

A passport is best. U.S. citizens must be holders of a passport to re enter the USA from Jamaica. Some countries require a visa. Please check with the Jamaican consulate in your country of residence. Driver’s licenses are not accepted.


All drinking water is chlorinated and filtered. Smallpox and yellow fever have been completely eradicated. Medical facilities are average, but personnel are excellent.


No firearms, meat, pets, flowers, fruits or vegetables are allowed upon entry to the island. We have great fruits and veggies in Jamaica. It is illegal to take illegal drugs out of Jamaica or to posses them here. For more information: Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston – (876) 924-8320, or Donald Sangster’s Airport in Montego Bay – (876) 952-2850.


You may bring as much money into the island as necessary. Credit cards are generally accepted throughout the island. The rate of exchange is subject to fluctuation. ATMs are plentiful throughout Negril; most dispense money only in Jamaican dollars. Change a small amount of money as needed, Jamaica only allows departing tourists to change a limited amount back to foreign currencies.

Cellular and internet access

Cellphone service is available across the island. Check with your mobile provider for roaming information. Cellphone rentals are also available. Wireless Internet access is available at many hotels and other sites around Negril and Jamaica.


Take this with a ‘wink’ but be wary of the insect kind, much less virulent and the human kind, trying to sell you everything from carvings to tours. The insect kind, mosquitoes succumb easily to a variety of repellents. The human responds easily to a pleasant but firm “No, Thank You”.

A Few Tips

  • Do not follow strangers anywhere
  • Marijuana is illegal to posses or use
  • Street vendor food is usually fine
  • Negril is one of the safest villages

What to Wear

Jamaica has a tropical climate. Shorts are always a great choice as are light pants and shirts. Chinos and a linen shirt is as formal as we get. For our beaches please remember the sun is dangerous. Put on sunscreen at least fifteen minutes before entering the sun. Use a 15 SPF rating with a good sun tan lotion.


Historically Jamaica has been famous for it’s sensimilia, a fine class of marijuana. Though there is an on going process to legalize marijuana, some laws do exist. While there has also been a notion that local authorities wink at the use of marijuana or ‘ganja’, ‘erbs’, ‘weed’, ‘collie’ as it is known locally, many innocent persons have had to spend time incarcerated in Jamaica for violating the laws in regard to the possession and use of drugs.

Television & Radio

Jamaica now has many TV stations and numerous radio stations. Cable TV is also available in almost every city and village in the island.


A gratuity of 15-18% is generally encouraged and accepted at restaurants.

Getting Here

Visitors to the island should arrive at Donald Sangster’s Airport in Montego Bay. It is a quick scenic drive of about an hour from the airport to Negril. It is also possible to fly there from Donald Sangster’s Airport in Montego Bay.

Airline Information:

American Airlines
British Airways
Caribbean Airlines
Delta Airlines
Virgin Atlantic
United Airlines

For more information, feel free to contact:

Jamaica Tourist Board
64 Knutsford Boulevard
Kingston 5, Jamaica
Phone: (876) 929-9200-19
Fax: (876) 929-9375

Email: [email protected]


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