December 8, 2024
Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Races

Bring on the summer running

…5, 4, 3, 2, 1…Bang!  And we’re off.  Another race experience under way.

Don’t you just love summer running!  And racing!

Reggae Marathoners have been tearing it up this summer in various races and events.  While it’s been a challenge keeping up with all of you, it sure has been fun.  Here’s what we’ve seen so far:

  • Carrie Tollefson  of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Reggae Marathon past participant in the 10K is training for her first Marathon.  Carrie is a former Olympian at shorter distances;  she’s worked hard to make the transition.  Here’s here story on Her Big Switch. Good luck in October Carrie!
  • We met Jetola on the beach in Negril last December.  Where hasn’t Jet been this summer?  She’s been racing in Half Marathon’s throughout the US.  We love following your escapades and experiences.  Thanks for sharing your photos and stories on Facebook Jet.
  • Dan Cumming, Seasoned Runner from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Reggae Marathon fan and now Ultra Distance runner has been busy running and racing this summer.  Short distances, Marathons and a biggie in August, the Hood-to-Coast Relay in Oregon.  Dan was even featured on the cover of the Hood-to-Coast Newsletter.
  • Reggae Marathon Fan, Larry Savitch of Florida, New York has been working through some injuries.  Both he and his Wife Karen made it into the New York Marathon this November.  He’s now into his Marathon training program and we follow him on his blog:  Weeks 2 & 3 NYC Marathon Training.
  • Gina Harrison, Reggae Marathon Associate Race Director loves running and cycling…and cycling and running.  When not working hard on Reggae Marathon 2013 (and all the other road races in Jamaica throughout the year), you can find her most weekends riding the hills around Kingston.
  • Marsha Doucette of Toronto, Canada has been doing a little world traveling this summer (We’ve seen some of your photos Marsha and love ’em).  Marsha runs the Lace up for Liver Running/Fund Raising program (you can register here:  Lace up for Liver 2013).  We know you’ve been running this summer Marsha and are looking forward to seeing you and your group in Negril this December.
  • Lisa Laws of New York.  Whew…has she been busy!  Not only in organizing the group of 160+ Ladies coming to Negril this December but running and swiming and biking!  That’s right, Lisa has been tearing it up racing in Triathalons this summer.  In fact she recently completed her first Olympic distance Tri a few weeks ago.  Congratulations Lisa.
  • Bonnie Fowler and her Reggae Rebels have been busy, busy as well racing throughout Southern Ontario, Canada.  We love your regular Facebook photos and updates Bonnie.  Look forward to meeting up with you in Negril in December.
  • We’ve also been following the running and racing of Runner’s Mark.  Carl and his team are planning a return to Reggae Marathon this December and they’ve been training and racing hard in Port Credit, Ontario this summer. Check out their blog:  Runner’s Mark Blog.

Keep running and racing.  See you all in Negril December 7 when Reggae Marathon Race Director sends us off at 5:15 am for the 13th Reggae Marathon.

Until next time…

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy (aka Sugar ‘Tuff Gong’ Bong)


Click here to register online for Reggae Marathon, December 7, 2013:  Reggae Marathon Registration.

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Photo courtesy of Errol Anderson.