15 in 2015

Reggae Marathon 15 in 2015! Every once in a while a significant date creeps up and gob smacks you in the face.  That date for Reggae Marathon is Saturday, December 5, 2015.  It’s the first Saturday of December and the usual date of Reggae Marathon in Negril.  And next year, it’s the 15th anniversary of the first running of Reggae Marathon!  Where did the time go? The Jamdammers, the Ru ...[Read More]

Chillin in Negril

Chillin in Negril.  That’s the best way to recover after Reggae Marathon. Early morning cup of coffee beach side when all is quiet and serene…Chillin in Negril. Post race recovery run barefoot on the beach…Chillin in Negril. Catching some rays on ‘your beach’ in Negril sipping on a Cold Red Stripe waiting for the sunset that you hope will never end…Chillin in Ne ...[Read More]

Reggae Marathon Race Day

Race Day. My 3:15 am wake up alarm went off but I was up already with excitement.  I had multiple alarms set:  My Smartphone of course, a battery operated analogue clock (old school) and my Timex Ironman wrist watch…talk about overkill.  It was quite the melody until I turned them all off. Having my usual pre-race breakfast this morning:  Breakfast bars, Dried Cereal and Milk.  It’s no ...[Read More]

1 Day to Reggae Marathon: Pasta Party

Pasta Party…”Tonight’s the Night” (thanks Rod Stewart). The Reggae Marathon Pasta Party gets underway at 5 pm at the Couples Swept Away Sporting Complex. Get there early to pick up your Race Kit and mingle before loading up on delicious pasta dishes prepared by the Chefs from some of the Hotels along the beach in Negril.  There will be music and even some dancing!  I’ ...[Read More]

2 Days to Reggae Marathon: Sunning!

Sunning.  I’m not sure if that is a real word but it is certainly appropriate for a beach stay in Negril in December.  I’ve been on a lot of beaches in my travels and Negril remains at the top of my list.  So after an early morning run with fellow Reggae Marathoners this morning followed by a leisurely breakfast beach side it’s sunning time. Ahhh…the view!  Nothing but deep ...[Read More]

3 Days to Reggae Marathon: Running

Running.  Running barefoot on the Negril beach early in the morning. Running with fellow runners along Norman Washington Boulevard on the actual Reggae Marathon race course.  It’s nice to be running in Negril in December!  My running friends from the Northern US and Europe sure feel running in Negril is special as well!   I love making the first tracks of the day along the miles of soft ...[Read More]

Miss Lou: Wheelchair Diva

Wheelchair Diva indeed! Louise Estrella ‘Miss Lou’ Harrison who turned 91 years old this past November is registered and ready to take on the Reggae Marathon 10K in her wheelchair this Saturday.  That’s inspiring for more reasons I can think of!  I hope I have that level of energy and enthusiasm at that age. ‘Miss Lou’ is the daughter of Linda Coy, who is a Reggae Mar ...[Read More]

4 Days to Reggae Marathon: Negril

Negril. My spiritual home!  I love all parts of Jamaica, have a fondness for the Blue Mountains on the east side of the Island but I go crazy for the beaches in Negril.  Reggae Marathon is the highlight of my year for both running and vacationing! I drove my wife crazy packing for Reggae Marathon.  The final packing wasn’t the issue, it was the task of selecting what to bring to Negril: Runn ...[Read More]

Reggae Marathon 2014 Guide

Guide to Reggae Marathon 2014. Below are answers to some of the FAQ’s regarding Reggae Marathon: Book Your Spot  Online registration closesTuesday midnight. After that, registration moves to Negrilon Thursday & Friday, December 4-5 at the Couples Swept Away Sports Complex. Online registration is easy However, we’re temporally unable to accept local Scotiab ...[Read More]

5 Days to Reggae Marathon: Road Trip

I love a Road Trip!  Especially one with Negril and Reggae Marathon as the end destination.  No matter if you’re flying in from Away or driving out from Kingston, you’ll get to experience Jamaica on the road from Montego Bay to Negril. There are lots of places along the route that I like especially like:  The Airport in Montego Bay, the old Waterwheel on the south side of the road near ...[Read More]