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Choosing the right Running Shoes

Running shoes:  The most important piece of running gear.

Running shoes have evolved from the first ‘Waffle’ shoes developed and sold by Phil Knight to the myriad designs we have today. Running shoes are available everywhere:  from specialized running stores to mass-market discounters.  Most brands are also available online.  Price-points go from ‘Silly low’ to the mid-two hundreds.  Running shoe manufacturers run the gamut with new and super specialized brands coming to market every year.  And of course running shoe styles. Mid-foot/Fore-foot, Heel-strike, Minimalist…Whew!  Choosing the right running shoe can become overwhelming and certainly requires some thought.  But where to turn for good advice?

While you can certainly buy your running shoes almost anywhere, a good place to start is with a specialized Running Store.  Prices and selection are usually competitive and if the store is run by experienced Runners, you’re going to get better advice on what shoe is right for you…and that’s worth a lot.

While most of us think we look like Elite Marathoners when we run, the reality is indeed different.  With that realization, the task of choosing the right running shoe gets more practical.  The running store you choose should be able to assess your body type, running style (gait and step) to suggest the best type of shoe for you:  Support, Cushioning;  are you a neutral runner or do you under/over pronate.  Those are the basics.

And while I understand the desire to ‘colour coordinate’…hey, I am guilty of this…get the right fit for you first before you worry too much about the colour.  Remember, your running shoes will be good for a few hundred miles…your feet, knees and hips have to last a lifetime.

For some more information on the differences between the types of running shoes and how to pick the right shoe, here’s an informative video from Carrie Tollefson:

Take the time to choose the right running shoe for you.  It will make your running experience much more enjoyable.  And at some point in your race event, the right running shoe will pull you through.

Until next time…

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