December 8, 2024
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Could Reggae Marathon and Negril be the ultimate experience?

Friends ask me how to describe the Reggae Marathon.  “Ultimate” is my answer.  I know every event claims to be special and I've run lots of events over the years but for me the combination of early morning start and finish line experience of coconut water, Red Stripe and post-race swim is the best.

The first thing I plan to do in Negril when I arrive next week is go for a run on the beach.  This is my 3rd Reggae Marathon and the first morning run in Negril is always my favourite.  Then it’s catch-up time.

First it’s Bob Moore and his wife Debbie. Yes, THAT Bob Moore from Washington Running Report.  And yes, it will involve cold Red Stripe and lounge chairs on the beach.  Bob and I communicate via email throughout the year but we only see each other once a year at Reggae Marathon.  I’m looking forward to running with Bob next Friday morning down to the Negril round-about.

Then I’m meeting up with Dan Cumming.  Dan and I met online when he posted a picture from 1969.  That stirred up pleasant childhood memories for me of picnics on the beach in Negril.  We began an email exchange that led to Dan guest blogging for Reggae Marathon.  Dan’s a seasoned runner and has helped get me through a nagging foot injury so that I am now ready for a personal best in Reggae Marathon this year. Dan’s also been blogging about his plans for running in Reggae Marathon this year.  I think he has caught the Reggae Marathon bug.

Friday night at the Pasta Party will be busy. I’m looking forward to connecting in person Larry Savitch and his Easy Skankin group from New York, the buy propecia online

gril” href=”” target=”_blank”>Running Girlz and Sole Sistas from Ontario, Canada and Navin Sadarangani who recently had a great race in the New York Marathon.  To say these runners are ‘pumped up’ about Reggae Marathon would be an understatement.

And then there are new people to meet for the first time. Coming from Newburyport, Maryland and representing the Joppa Flats Running Club is President, Bob Manning and his wife Cathy. Bob has run 49 marathons and Reggae Marathon 2011 will be his 50th marathon!  “Cathy and I visited Jamaica for the 1st time in 2000 and we have returned every year since” noted Bob.  “Our favourite area is Negril with its beautiful beaches and delightful people” he continued. Bob, glad we can be part of this milestone.

Coming with Bob is the Joppa Flats Running Club Publicity Director Mike Fine. “I’ve run 35 marathons and while I’m slowing down a little at age 65, I’m looking forward to running in the Reggae Marathon”.   I’m looking forward to running with you as well Mike.

Now can you see why Reggae Marathon in Negril is an ultimate experience?  See you Saturday morning at the start line at 5:15 am.

Until next time…

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy


For more information on Reggae Marathon, check out the Reggae Marathon web site.  Photo courtesy of Errol Anderson Photography