December 3, 2023
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How to navigate the Reggae Marathon Pasta Party

Rookies, have a plan for the Reggae Marathon Pasta Party Friday evening.  I was a rookie once and had a great time filling up on fabulous pasta.  Here are a few of the things I learned that will maximize your enjoyment.

First of all the Reggae Marathon Pasta Party is included in your race registration fee.  Lots of races have pasta parties and most charge extra.  Not for runners in Reggae Marathon.  For your spouse and other non-runners, there is a charge that you can pay for when you pick up your race kit.

The Pasta Party takes place at the Couples Swept Away Sporting Complex (entrance directly across from the main hotel entrance) and starts around 5:30 pm.  Get there early but don’t worry about the food running out.  The Reggae Marathon Pasta Party features food from a number of the resorts in Negril and they compete to ensure the best quality and that there is enough food for all.  The reason to get there early is to maximize the time soaking up the atmosphere.  Live music and entertainment provides the backdrop; catching up with fellow runners and friends is the real attraction.

Here’s a tip:  When you enter the Pasta Party area, head to the food station farthest away from the entranc

e.  Shorter lines, same great pasta.

Did I mention music?  What’s a party without live music and entertainment?  Reggae Marathon Pasta Party has both.  Make sure you bring your camera or phone.  There are plenty of photo opportunities.

If you get the chance…and he stops long enough…say hi to Reggae Marathon Race Director Frano.  He’s a whirlwind of energy at the Pasta Party.

Once you’ve carbo-loaded, caught up with friends and enjoyed the entertainment, head back to your hotel at a reasonable hour.  It will be hard I know but the free shuttle to the start/finish line comes early.

For a full listing of the Reggae Marathon race weekend events, click here on the Events page of the Reggae Marathon web site.

Until next time…

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy

Note:  Photos courtesy of Errol Anderson Photography and Karen Fuchs