December 8, 2024
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Inspiration from Running in the Zone

I’ve been reading a great book of short stories, “Running in the Zone”.  It’s all about ‘seasoned’ runners…older runners…and now that I am past the big 5-0, I really like the sound of that.

“Running in the Zone” was co-edited by regular Reggae Marathon guest blogger, Dan Cumming (‘Ask Dan’). It’s great for motivation and inspiration  because it captures the stories of real people who have accomplished some incredible things through their passion for running.  Here are some of the things that inspired me:

“We want to be recognized for merely existing, a by-product of the mania for bestowing self-esteem like pollen on a spring wind.  We demand recognition for doing something we should be doing for its own sake.  We demand recognition even if we train haphazardly and race half-heartedly”.  From the story, ‘Trying Harder’ by Richard Benyo.

“So what have I learned about running?  What has running taught me about life?  First, attitude is everything.  Be positive about life, your family, your friends, your work and your play.  It shows up in everything you do.  Second, wear good shoes!  Third, have good running buddies…they keep you motivated honest and committed.  My kids love this bumper sticker:  ‘When Mother’s happy, everyone’s happy’”.  From the story, “Running:  Reflections and Revelations by Lauralee Welder.

“There are two types of runners…recreational and competitive.  My advice to runners of both types is pretty much as follows:  enjoy life, run how you feel, do what you must to meet your aspirations…enjoy yourself!”  From the story “To Run or Jog:  Is there Really a Difference? By Neville Flanagan.

Running in the Zone is filled with stories like this and whether you’re a ‘seasoned experienced’ runner or a newbie you’ll find something to inspire you and keep you motivated.  I did. Check it out here:  Running in the Zone.

Until next time…

Reggae Marathon Running Guy