December 8, 2024
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Karin Wilson-Edmonds: She says she’s not a runner…yet.

She says she’s not a runner…yet.  But she plans to run the 10 K at this year’s Reggae Marathon December 1 in Negril.  And it all began with the photo of the Mona Dam that she posted on Facebook.  Today we’re talking with Karin Wilson-Edmonds of Kingston, Jamaica who after only ‘a little’ prodding

has decided to run in the Reggae Marathon this December.

I connected with Karin when she posted a picture of the Mona Dam on her Facebook page that brought back good memories for me of the first time I ran the Dam. (For more information and to see some pictures, check ‘Have you run around the Mona Dam‘). Because we live in this social media world, we exchanged a couple of messages on Twitter and in one of them she mentioned that she was thinking of taking up running again.  Saying that to a dedicated runner…and fan of Reggae Marathon…was like a moth to a flame.  She may have had some prodding from her friends or family but shortly after she said yes.  And now we’ll get to follow her story of getting ready to take on the 10K at Reggae Marathon this December. We caught up with Karin recently and had the chance to ask her a few questions:

Reggae Marathon (RM): Why have you decided to do this?

Karin-Wilson Edmonds (KWE):  A few reasons.  First, I am always in need of motivation to workout, keep fit and be healthy…I need a reason to get off the couce.  Second, I love Negril!  A weekend in Negril this December is a great motivator.

RM:  What’s your greatest fear?

KWE:  My greatest fear is that that it’s not going to be fun and that I will finish LAST!

RM:  What’s your running background?

KWE:  NOT MUCH!  Iused to run, jog really, years ago just to stay fit, but have since had knee issues so started more walking.  Now I mainly walk and jog a bit to stay fit…so am I crazy to be planning to run the 10K at this December’s Reggae Marathon?

RM:  How are you planning to train?

KWE: I’m not sure yet.  I’ll start with a lot of walking for the first few months first then move to running after that.  I’m investigating training programs now…any suggestions anyone?

Well Karin, we know this great group of runners in Kingston who run the Mona Dam on a regular basis…The Jamdammers Running Club would be a great start.  And if you are in the same place she is, we’d love to hear from you as well.  Online, Karin explores the edge of Jamaican culture at her blog, YardEdge.  You can also follow her on Twitter:  @yardedge.

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