December 8, 2024
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Meet these Running Groups coming to Reggae Marathon December 7

Truth be told, I’m terrified!  Not of meeting all of the Running Groups who are coming to Reggae Marathon this December 7 in Negril.  I love meeting and talking with fellow runners.  No, I’m terrified because I’m terrible with names!  Please don’t be offended if the best I can muster is a ‘Hi, great to finally meet you in person’.  Yes, we do have quite a few Running Groups coming to Jamaica this year and while you’ve met a number of them already, I thought I would attempt to put a list together.  If by some chance I have missed you, please leave a comment with details.

SONY DSCEasy Skankin 3rd consecutive Reggae Marathon.  Larry, Karin and the Easy Skankin Group from Florida, New York are back for number 3.  Larry says he is ‘feeling his age this year’ and may not be up to a PB.  Truth be told:  he’s running in the New York Marathon in November so maybe we’ll cut you some slack Larry.  Maybe…



Reggae Rebels 1st visit.  These guys run and party and party and run.  Negril for their 1st Reggae Marathon should be ‘no problem’.  A little friendly advice:  save the serious partying for after Reggae Marathon on Saturday.  I should mention that these guys are serious runners first.  They just know how to have a good time.


SONY DSCRunning Girlz 3rd Reggae Marathon. Janicke and the Running Girlz missed Reggae Marathon in 2012…we’ll forgive them especially knowing that they are planning their 3rd trip to Negril this December.  Look out for them ‘Jumping’ on the Beach on Saturday morning at the Post-Race Party.



2012 Reggae MarathonLisa Laws and Black Girls Run.  2nd time at Reggae Marathon for Lisa Laws and ‘Small Running Group’…1st time for ‘162 strong Group of Ladies who are coming to Reggae Marathon 2013 December 7.  We should not have any challenges identifying them in Negril!


DSC00156-1smIngrid Wilson and Runner’s Mark.  2nd consecutive Reggae Marathon.  Runner’s Mark is a running store started by Carl Worrell just west of downtown Toronto.  Ingrid captured the imagination of a number of runners last December and she’s at it again for Reggae Marathon 2013.



A_sfu2zCcAAwEoiMarsha Doucette and Lace Up for Liver 2nd Consecutive Reggae Marathon this year.  Marsha led a group of fundraising runners to Reggae Marathon last year.  Each raised ‘Significant $’s” for the Canadian Liver Foundation.  “Job well done!”.  So far this year, we hear Marsha is ahead with runners coming to Negril.  We are looking forward to seeing even more of your team this December!

So are you registered yet?  What are you waiting for?  Click here for the Online Registration and Details on Reggae Marathon 2013 Race Weekend (Save on registration; Early Bird Registration closes July 31):  Reggae Marathon 2013 Registration.

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Reggae Marathon RunninGuy (aka Sugar ‘Tuff Gong’ Bong)


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Feature Photo courtesy of Errol Anderson.