December 8, 2024
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More answers to Reggae Marathon FAQ’s

These are some more of the questions we get most frequently about Reggae Marathon:

  • Where do I pick up my Race Kit?  Reggae Marathon race kits are available to be picked up at the Couples Swept Away Sporting Complex in Negril starting Thursday afternoon before the race.  Couples Swept Away Sporting Complex is across the street from the main resort and is Reggae Marathon HQ before the race.  Kits can also be picked up on Friday up until about 9 pm.  And while you can also register in person ‘last minute’, do yourself and Reggae Marathon a favour and pre-register early.  Saves you time standing in line and missing out on the famous Reggae Marathon Pasta Party Friday night.  This is the link to the Reggae Marathon Course Map showing the location of Couples Swept Away Sporting Complex;  this is the link to register online:  Reggae Marathon Registration.
  • Where and when in the Reggae Marathon Pasta Party?  The Reggae Marathon Rasta Pasta Party also takes place at the Couples Swept Away Sporting Complex.  It usually gets under way around 5 pm and features delicious pasta with a Jamaican touch prepared by Chefs from the Negril area hotels.  This is a great opportunity to fuel up, meet up with old friends and make new ones.  And of course, there’s music!
  • How do I get to the Start of the Race?  The Reggae Marathon is a looped course running along Norman Washington Boulevard, the main road along the beach resort area in Negril.  The road is closed to public vehicle traffic from very early morning until late mid-morning for the race events.  Free shuttles start running before the 5:15 am race start all along the closed course.  If you’re staying within a mile or so of the start/finish at Long Bay Beach Park, walking is a great option.  Lots of runners…myself included…enjoy the walk to get the muscles moving.
  • What are the weather conditions like at Reggae Marathon?  Unless you live on-island, the temperature will be significantly warmer than where you’re travelling from.  Normal pre-race temperatures are in the low to mid 20’s Celsius and warm up once the sun comes up around 6:30 am.  Adjust accordingly!  Pacing and hydration are important.  Take advantage of the electrolyte and water available at the aid stations that are set up at every mile along the course.  If you’re running in the Marathon or Half Marathon, wear sunscreen (the kind that is water resistant) and keep your head covered and wet (the water pouches are great for this).
  • What’s it like running in the dark?  My wife says I do that all the time.  Seriously though, given our 5:15 am start time, you’ll be running in the dark for the first 45 minutes or so until the sun starts to rise.  The road is well lit and the course runs on well paved, flat asphalt.  It’s best to stay on the road surface…resist the temptation to run off the road.  And of course, obey the Race Marshals and Volunteers.

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