December 8, 2024
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My Running Love Letter

My Running Love Letter

Dear Running,

Little did I know that a sign for the Reggae Marathon, while on vacation in Jamaica, would change the trajectory of my life. Prior to that trip, I never ran more than a mile for gym class. But upon returning from Jamaica, I put on my gym shoes and went for a run. Thirteen years later, I have not stopped. Our journey has taken me across the country as I work my way through the 50 states (17 and counting) and make my way throughout the world to earn my Abbott World Marathon Major 6-star medal (3 stars and counting.)

Running, you came into my life when I was in a dead-end job, had just a few friends in New York City, and overall was depressed daily. I did not know that waking up at 4:45 am before work to start the day off with something positive would change my life. And like most things in life, it was not easy at first. On many days it was a struggle, but I persisted.

Many might say that you are my life, and they are probably right. I love to talk about you. I love to watch races on the road and on the track. And I absolutely love cheering on friends and strangers alike. I consume you daily through newsletters, podcasts, and even started a running website for New York City.

Running, you have saved me in so many ways. And for that I am grateful. Ans we may continue to have a love/hate relationship for year to come, I know in the end, we will continue to be there for one another.

Running you taught me many lessons. I’ve learned enjoy the process regardless of the outcome. I’ve learned that not every run is going to be great run. And most importantly, I’ve learned to have fun.  And I hope that is something that I can pass along to the next person who might doubt that they can be a runner.