December 8, 2024
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Planter Fasciitis…Yuck!

Hands up:  Have you had a pain in the foot caused by Plantar Fasciitis?  I have.  It hurt. It was not fun.

Planter Fasciitis struck me a few years ago and lingered on for quite a long time.  I went through the ‘self-help’ phase, got some great advice from fellow runners and finally got some effective physio-therapy.  The culprit in my case was transitioning too quickly from heel-strike running to mid-foot running.  In hindsight I should have gone more slowly.  So if there is one caution I can share with you it’s this:  plan a slow transition…then slow down some more!

I saw this video recently from Reggae Marathon fan and former US Olympian, Carrie Tollefson.  In it is a very simple and clear explanation of what Planter Fasciitis is along with some very direct treatments.  If you or a runner you know has an issue with Planter Fasciitis, this is an excellent video:

Don’t let Planter Fasciitis ruin your love of running as it nearly did for me.  Thanks Carrie.  Check out Carrie Tollefson’s “Get After It”.  And lest we forget…all the best with the ‘soon come’ new baby!

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