December 3, 2023
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Reggae Marathon pictures from the Boston Marathon race weekend

It was a good weekend in Boston.  The gang at the Reggae Marathon booth at the race expo were busy talking with runners about their experiences and plans for Negril this December.  The picture above shows the patches on Gary Burak’s jacket celebrating the miles he has logged.  Here are some of our other favorite pictures from the weekend in Boston:

Sara and Sarah do the Bolt at the Reggae Marathon Booth

Who can resist “doing the Bolt“.  Seeing this reminded me of the post-race pictures from last December’s Reggae Marathon of a few of us with the Bolt Arms on.

Wayne Miller talking to David about Reggae Marathon

Probably the easiest conversation is talking about Reggae Marathon:  great weather, sandy beaches and early Saturday morning run.  Lots to love.

Tanya Miller with Neil and Barb from England

Neil signed up for the Reggae Marathon.  We’re looking forward to seeing Neil and Barb in Negril this December.  And yes Tanya, you look great with the Bolt Arms.

Cynthia and Jody at the Reggae Marathon Booth

A big shout out to Jody (on the right) who signed up for the Reggae Marathon:  “See you on the beach in Negril”.  Cynthia, come on down as well…it’ll be great.

Gabby and Caitlyn with Oran

Gabby and Caitlyn are planning a girl’s getaway in Negril at the Reggae Marathon this year.  Great choice ladies:  warm weather, glorious beach, great run!

Gina with Gary Burak

Gina with Gary Burak

38,000 miles!  That’s how many miles Gary Burak has run.  That beats Forrest Gump!  “Run Gary, Run”.

I love race expos.  You meet  fabulous people, the atmosphere buzzes with pre-race excitement and everyone’s talking about running.  Mark December 2, 2011 in your calendar for the Reggae Marathon race expo and Pasta Party at Couples Swept Away.  See you in Negril!

Until next time…

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy