December 8, 2024
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Reggae Marathon pictures worth a 1,000 words

Yes it’s a cliche but these pictures from Reggae Marathon 2011 are truly priceless.  These are from Saturday morning of the race and are some of my favourite…so far!

Reggae Marathon start and not a bleary eye to be seen

Do I spot a couple of Running Girlz here at the start of Reggae Marathon?  I’m pretty sure you guys should be concentrating on your running form rather than dancing.  But then again, with the loud Bob Marley music at the start that was a challenge.

Everyone can use a little help at the finish

I’m pretty sure this young man didn’t run the Reggae Marathon but what a great treat to be able to run down the finish chute.  Great form!

Did these guys even break a sweat?

“Left, right, left right”.  Showing fine form, these guys showed fine form right through the finish line and on to get their fresh cut coconut and Red Stripe Beer.  They don’t look like they’s even broken a sweat!

Power finish!

Another group of Reggae Marathoners powering through to the finish at Long Bay Beach Park in Negril last December.  Well done once again!

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Reggae Marathon RunninGuy


For more information visit the Reggae Marathon Web Site. buy amoxicillin no prescription  Photos courtesy of Everrard Owen.