December 8, 2024
Half Marathon & 10K Races

Reggae Marathon Race Day Planner

In just under 3 weeks it’s Race Day!  Sunday, December 2.  It may be your final race of the year or maybe your first.  In either case it’s important to plan for race day, especially since for most of us, we are away from home.  Here’s a race day planner:

  • The Night Before. Reggae Marathon Race Day is early:  5:15 am on Sunday morning.  Plan everything Saturday night before you go to bed.  I layout all my running gear on the floor in my hotel room.  I pin on my race number on the front of my running top.  I have all my post race gear (towel, sunscreen, sandals) laid out as well.  I set my phone, watch and hotel room alarm for 3:15 am.  Then to bed by 9 pm to get some sleep.  Well at least try to…butterflies of excitement!
  • Race Morning 3:15 am.  Rise and shine.  Coffee first.  A hot cup of coffee gets me going.  I follow up with water…I drink right up until race time.  No breakfast since I’m running the 10K.  When I’ve run the Half Marathon and the full Marathon I like a small breakfast of porridge that I eat before 4 am.  Then it’s time to suit up for the race and pack my bag for post-race.  I use the handy Reggae Marathon tote bag.
  • Race Morning 4:15 am.  Easy walk to the Start/Finish area at Long Bay Beach Park.  From my hotel about 1 1/2 miles from Long Bay Beach park it’s a nice walk to get the legs moving.  Generally I arrive about 45 minutes before race time which gives me enough time for a final bio break, check my bag at the Bag Check near the Start/Finish line.  I like to go for a pre-race jog and some wind sprints to get the heart rate up and I like to finish that about 20 minutes before race start.
  • Race Morning 5:00 am.  In the start chute behind the Start line.  I’m pretty conservative at the start so I move back behind the faster runners but ahead of the walkers.  I don’t want to impede someone faster than me and I don’t want to collide with a slower runner or walker.
  • Race Morning 5:15 am.  We’re off!  Believe me, even though it’s Jamaica, Race Director Frano sends us off promptly at 5:15 am.  No kidding!  In the dark it’s a bit of a challenge to see far ahead.  I stay in the middle of the road away from the edges and slowly make my way up to my race pace.  Hey…it’s Negril!

After Reggae Marathon it’s party time…planning not required!

Until next time…

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy