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Reggae Marathoners sharing their Reggae Marathon stories

While relaxing on the beach in Negril, I hear some great stories from fellow runners in Negril for Reggae Marathon.  Yes it drives our non-running spouses crazy.  No we can’t stop talking about running.  Yes we make it up to our significant others.

medalsLast September I connected with Rebecca LeHeup a serious foodie and dedicated runner.  She told me she was coming to Jamaica with her family and friend Val in December for two “1st’s”:  first trip to Jamaica, first Reggae Marathon event.  She came and enjoyed herself and of course found out what the Reggae Marathon experience is all about.  Then she found food…Here is her Reggae Marathon story, No Smartphone No Cry. 


Reggae MarathonYes Jamaica is well known for speed on the track…who can forget the Summer of 2012 when Usain Bolt repeated at the Olympics.  But distance running goes deeper in Jamaica as well and road running has grown significantly since the first Reggae Marathon was held as it always has been on the roads of Negril.  Find out why over 20,000 people turn up for an annual road race in Kingston every year: Road Running all the Rage in Jamaica.

This next race report was originally published in German in Runners World Germany.  It was titled, “Runners of 34 Nations in Jamaica”.  (Here’s the link to the original story:  Reggae Marathon 2013).


Over 1800 participants at Reggae Marathon early in the morning in Jamaica.

The winners came from Jamaica, USA, Sweden and Finland

Already for the 13th time, Reggae Marathon happened in the small town of Negril, at the west coast of Jamaica. This marathon has become a pilgrimage for runners from all over the world.  In total, runners of 34 nations went to the start. There was a choice of full marathon, half marathon and a 10km. All three distances started in Negril on an asphalt road along the beach. To avoid the midday heat of the Jamaican sun, the starting gun was released at 5 am – before sun rise.

On the 10km distance three Jamaicans won for the men: Damion Bent (32:04min), Brian Grit (32:49min) and Larone Haye (33:00 min). For the women, the US American Britany Sheffey (37:04) won ahead of Danielle James (39:06) and Shanieke Watson (39:33).

Kenin Campbell (1:14:17h) won the half marathon ahead of Kemar Lewis (1:15:19) and Bryan Huberty of USA (1:15:56). The fastest woman was the Swede Outi Ben Ammar (1:39:04) ahead of the Jamaican Janetta Robinson (1:43:22) and Stephanie Webber (1:43:26).

The full marathon winner for the men was Gregory McKenzie in 2:40:45 hours, ahead of Mark Neeld (2:56:52) and Karl Baker (3:01:11). The Fin Elina Junnila (3:00:04) was the winner for the women ahead of Jamaican Elizabeth Mondon (3:27:57) and the German Franziska Schneider (3:38:51).

For RUNNERSWORLD.DE photographer Thomas Wenning was on site and caught the beautiful moments of Reggae Marathon 2013 with his camera. His best shots can be seen in this link:  Reggae Marathon 2013

Are you ready to create your own story?  Register now for Reggae Marathon, December 6, 2014 and we’ll see you on the beach and on the street in Negril!

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