December 8, 2024
Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Races

Running Goals

Running Goals

How do you set your running goals? For me, it differs depending on the time of year and what I am training for. Overall, my one goal for the year it to complete 1200 running miles for the year. So that means I average about 100 miles a month. When I’m marathon training for 2-3 marathons a year, it’s not that hard to achieve that goal. When I’m not marathon training (or when marathons and ALL races have been cancelled) sometimes it is hard to get out and go for a run.

Reggae Marathon 2018

When there are races on the calendar, I usually set not only mileage goals, but also goals regarding speedwork too. The speedwork is an integral part of training and helping me hit my goals. They help with that kick that you want to have at the end of a race. And let me tell you, when you’ve just run your ninth 400 meter sprint and you have on left to do, you feel just like you do at the end of the marathon!

So whether your goals are mileage based or time based it’s important to get out and run!

Keep on Running!