December 8, 2024
Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Races

Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach

There is nothing like it. If you are staying on the beach when you come to Negril for The Reggae Marathon, be sure to spend at least a day or two just hanging out on the beach. Be sure to go in the water every now and then too to cool off.

Bring a book or have a magazine. Maybe have headphones or a small speaker so you can enjoy music too. (We recommend Reggae!) Stay alert for some of the beach vendors. My favorite happens to be Norman the Patty Guy. Catch him early because it’s likely he will sell out.  Also, take advantage of the locals walking up and down the beach selling fruits- pineapple, coconut, and sugarcane. It will all be fresh and delicious.

Finally, there will be merchants who are selling jewelry and hats. Remember, this is how many are making their living. You don’t always have to negotiate. And if you don’t want something, just say ‘No Thank You.’

And most importantly, relax.