December 8, 2024
Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Races

Some of our favourite Reggae Marathon blog posts

Some days it is hell just to get out of bed early to go for the morning run.  Ever felt like that?  But sometimes the endorphins take over and the run turns out to be magical. “I don’t feel like running today”

After the race...and the rain...massage on the beach

The next best thing to being there is watching the Reggae Marathon video…over and over.  Yes it rained at the start of the Reggae Marathon last December but that only made it more special.  “Vibrations Positive”






Navin and Burt Carlson at Reggae Marathon

Thousands of people have run in the various Reggae Marathon events over the years.  In the crowd before and after the race it’s easy to forget the individual stories.  This one from Navin Sadarangani captured the story of achieving his goal. “Navin Sadarangani’s Reggae Marathon” 





Larry Savitch and the Dirty Girls at the Spartan

Larry Savitch is one crazy guy.  Not only is he a dedicated runner but he likes extreme challenges.  He recently completed a race he dubbed ‘The Monster’ with its steep uphill start and earlier this summer he ran with the Dirty Girls in an event called the Spartan Race.  He fell in love with Jamaica years ago and is finally coming to Negril for the Reggae Marathon this December.  “How Larry found his groove”




Angie at Bob's Mile

Angie and her Kevin were in Negril last December.  They loved it and shared their moving personal experience of achieving a number of personal goals.  “Angie Newton’s Reggae Marathon”




Whole Heaven Jamaica

Denise found her piece of heaven in Jamaica in 2004 when she and her husband got married on the beach.  On top of that she’s a dedicated runner and blogs regularly about her training and running experience.  And she’s coming to Reggae Marathon this December.  “Whole Heaven Pie”





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Reggae Marathon RunninGuy

(Note:  Photo courtesy of Errol Anderson Photography)