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Love a good inspirational quote?

True confession:  some mornings I just don't feel like running.  It could be the result of a bad night's sleep, aches and pains, or the weather.  On those mornings a little inspiration goes a long way.  Here are some of my recent favorites. It's so easy some mornings when it's cold and raining to stop running.  Especially those mornings when I'm doing speed-work at the tra ...[Read More]

Can I have my hair back now?

I thought my clean shaven head might have given me the online pharmacy viagra competitive advantage.  Sally though it made me look like an alien.  Alas it was too little, too late for me.  But it was worth it in the end for the 1st Annual Reggae Runners Half Marathon Challenge last Sunday. After the dust settled, Larry Savitch of Florida, New York emerged victorious and is now the proud owner of a ...[Read More]

Reggae Marathon Runners Love to Share their Stories

One of the best experiences of last December's Reggae Marathon weekend was connecting the online and real worlds.  I'd spent much of last year talking with fans online via Twitter, Facebook, email and this blog.  The anticipation of attending the race in Negril built throughout the year and we all looked forward to meeting in person.   We all came to race of course but we really came to ...[Read More]

2 Days to Reggae Marathon 2011: Toes painted yet?

I really don't have a foot fetish but this photo from Reggae Marathon 'super fan' Sacha caught my attention (posted on the Reggae Marathon Facebook Fan page) . There are lots of things to do to get ready for the trip to Negril for Reggae Marathon and polishing your toes with the Jamaican flag is now on the must-do list.  Sacha, I assume you will be running in one of the Reggae Marat ...[Read More]

How long is the Reggae Marathon course open?

We received this great question from Gayle recently asking how long the Reggae Marathon course remains open on race day (Saturday, December 3 this year): Dan, my husband and I are coming to Jamaica this year for our first Reggae Half. It just happens to be on our anniversary. Seems like a great way to celebrate. Anyway, we are beginning runners and would really just like to enjoy the day (and walk ...[Read More]

How I spent the evening playing on Facebook

I spent last night on Facebook.  Thankfully my wife Sally was out for the evening. I got home from work after ‘one of those days’ and only had energy to heat up some leftovers.  I turned on the radio and booted up the laptop.  After checking emails, the news (I love the Twitter updates from the Jamaica Observer), I settled in with Facebook.  Before I knew it, 2 hours had passed.  Wow!  Unfortunate ...[Read More]

Why I run

My wife Sally used to ask that question.  She has learned that unless I run every day to burn off some of my energy living with me would be like living in an amusement park.  She now encourages me to run! I was not a natural runner.  I didn’t run in school.  In fact sports were my least favorite part of the school day.  Playing marbles and spinning tops were the usual ‘sports’ at Recess.  On ...[Read More]

Friends I’ve met along the way at Reggae Marathon

The Reggae Marathon is about the running but the memories are of people.  I’ve made some great friends since running my first Reggae Marathon in 2009.  But that’s what happens when you combine a beach vacation in Negril with running in the Reggae Marathon. Sally and I had just settled in on our lounge chairs on the beach on the first morning after our arrival for our first Reggae Marathon.  ...[Read More]

How to eat well, drink right and choose the proper running shoes

I love salty snacks, drink too much or too little while running and until recently gave very little thought to my running shoes.  I paid very little attention to healthy nutrition, proper hydration and how to get shoes that fit properly.  I ignored these at my peril…and paid the price. Eating well, drinking the right amount and type of sports drink and spending the time to get the right shoes for ...[Read More]

Summer running here we come!

Running and summer are two of my favorite things.  Running in Negril ranks at the top of my list as well:  the vibe is distinctly laid-back and the beach is uniquely fabulous and the weather…! These pictures from last year’s Reggae Marathon are some of my favorites of life on the beach in the summer. You got up at 4 am, stumbled out of your hotel, grabbed a quick breakfast on your way ...[Read More]