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Happy Reggae Marathon New Year!

Unless you were up ‘super late’ last night, then you’ve already enjoyed the first run of 2012.  OK, maybe it’s just me who was crazy enough to plan a run for early morning January 1 viagra canada but it sure was a good way to clear my head while looking ahead to the new year. Resolutions for 2012 were  top-of-mind this morning of course.  Here are some of mine for 2012:  Re ...[Read More]

9 days to Reggae Marathon 2011: Bring your shoes

There is no better feeling than giving back.  Reggae Marathon gives you the opportunity to do that when you donate your gently used running shoes.  They get cleaned up and given to kids who run in the various running events throughout the year.  Think about it: you're helping the youngsters get hooked on the sport that you love and that brings you to Negril every year.  I'll be donating ...[Read More]

Reggae Marathon: and then there were 10

The payoff for being good all year is…Reggae Marathon.  If you're like me, you've trained hard and worked through physical and mental challenges throughout the year.  There have been good races and some that are best forgotten.  You've talked about Reggae Marathon so much your friends and family just want it to be over…oh wait, that's me! By now I've run the Re ...[Read More]

How to eat well, drink right and choose the proper running shoes

I love salty snacks, drink too much or too little while running and until recently gave very little thought to my running shoes.  I paid very little attention to healthy nutrition, proper hydration and how to get shoes that fit properly.  I ignored these at my peril…and paid the price. Eating well, drinking the right amount and type of sports drink and spending the time to get the right shoes for ...[Read More]

A celebration of running!

The really great thing about running is that we have to keep moving. Literally. Standing still is not an option. Running may just be the perfect form of exercise: stand up, fall forward, repeat.  Like the runners in the photo above, we runners have lots to celebrate: It’s easy to do.  Runners can spend lots of money on shoes and hi-tech gear but all we really need are comfortable shoes, shorts and ...[Read More]

How to find the right running shoes?

Walking into a running shoe store and coming face-to-face with the array of shoes gives me the chills.  I’m overwhelmed by the sheer choice in brand names and specialized types.  Add to that the current discussion about barefoot/natural running versus cushioning and I go into full glaze. Over the past few months I have been having a good natured discussion with George Colombo about barefoot runnin ...[Read More]

Another marathon? Are you ready for the open road?

“Another marathon? Have you asked yourself that question with dread?  I’ve ‘been there, done that’ and know very well that lots of things  affect your motivation to train for another marathon. Maybe you didn’t have a great run and feel unhappy with your results.  Maybe you had a great race but are fatigued or burned out because you either rested too long or not long enough. If any of these s ...[Read More]

What are your favourite running shoes?

Over the years I’ve run in every brand of running shoes that exists.  Asics, Nike, New Balance, Saconey, Adidas, etc. I have tried every style including running flats, trail shoes and even the bizarre ‘air pump’ shoe that didn’t have laces!  Because I have fairly wide feet and have been dealing with falling arches, I am now more concerned than ever about proper fit and less so about style.  ...[Read More]