December 8, 2024
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Team Jamaica Bickle Winners coming to Reggae Marathon

Team Jamaica Bickle has been busy once again this year.  Two race dates are planned for this fall with the male and female winners from each event coming to Reggae Marathon this December.  If you’re in or near New York City or Fort Lauderdale  here are two great races to check out.  Here’s the email we received recently from Team Jamaica Bickle with details:

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Here’s our on Team Jamaica Bickle (TJB) 5K plans for 2013.  We are presently in high gear for this year’s staging in the New York City area representing our 3rd. This has been a deliberately slow building process towards making it a noted brand on the NYC 5K circuit.  This the event will take place on Saturday October 19 at Baisley Pond Park in Jamaica, Queens.

In addition as we continue to expand, we are please to announced that we will be teaming up with Hot Trot 5K in Fort Lauderdale on November 2. This is a new new 5K inspired and supported by Team Jamaica Bickle.  Please note part proceeds are donated to Team Jamaica Bickle.

tjb2The idea behind Team Jamaica Bickle is the promotion of  Brand Jamaica.  Winners male and female from both 5Ks  (4 total) will be offered complimentary entry to the Reggae Marathon in Negril. Thank you to all  our supporters over the past 3 years. It is our hope that as we host these 5 Ks they will become a platform to promote the Reggae Marathon and by extension Brand Jamaica.

For all the details on Team Jamaica Bickle and Reggae Marathon, here is the press release that was sent out recently:

As Marathon season kicks off for 2013, Reggae Marathon partners Team Jamaica Bickle (TJB) out of New York has announced the third staging of its 5K which takes place on Saturday October 19 at Baisley Pond Park in Jamaica, Queens, New York.

This will be followed by the Team Jamaica Bickle inspired Hot Trot 5K which will be held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on November 2.

Both races, according to Sponsorship Director of Jamaica’s Reggae Marathon, Half Marathon & 10K, Diane Ellis, are important as some of those participants are expected to register for the premier event which will be held in Negril on Saturday, December 7.

Ellis said Reggae Marathon, which is now in its 13th year, has been partnering with Team Jamaica Bickle for the past three years and “each year the male and female winners of the 5K are offered complimentary entry to the Reggae Marathon in Negril. The courtesy will also be extended to the winners of the Fort Lauderdale 5k this year.”

This, she said, is “all in an effort to promote brand Jamaica and the island as a destination where fitness and road racing are important. Jamaica is known internationally for its sprinters and our goal through Reggae Marathon is to spread the word that we are also a great destination for sports and road racing in particular.”

Ellis said that as a precursor to Reggae Marathon, the annual Reggae Marathon Burger King Grand Prix Series will also be staged on October 13 and November 10. “Further details concerning this event will be announced closer to the start but we want to encourage race enthusiasts who intend to participate to begin training and that the Reggae Marathon Burger King Grand Prix Series is also excellent preparation for the Reggae Marathon itself,” she added.

So, up for a 5K run this fall?  Check out their web site:  Team Jamaica Bickle.

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