December 8, 2024
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The real heartbeat of Jamaica at mile 25 of the Reggae Marathon

The last mile of the Reggae Marathon is called ‘Bob’s Mile’.  It refers to Bob Marley who introduced and popularized reggae to global audiences.  At mile 25 in the Reggae Marathon, you have made it past 25 aid stations (one at each mile).  You’ve taken advantage of the unique hydration system in the form of bagged water and Gatorade.  And you’ve had the experience of “running toward the  music”.  As a runner, that is one of the really cool things about the Reggae Marathon:  the loud reggae music that is played at each and every mile marker/aid station.

Jamaica gets a lot of attention in the media around the world for lots of things.  Most visitors to the Jamaica head to the beach and never experience life beyond the resort.  Events such as the Reggae Marathon do a lot to generate positive awareness that there is life beyond the beach.  This recent article in a major newspaper recently talks about the real heartbeat of Jamaica:  the culture and the music:  The Real Heartbeat of Jamaica

Thanks Bob.  For the music and the inspiration at mile 25.

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Chris Morales, that running guy

(Note:  article appeared originally in the Toronto Star, October 2, 2010)