The Reggae Marathon on Social Media

The Reggae Marathon on Social Media

Did you know that the Reggae Marathon has a YouTube channel? If not be sure to check it out. There are videos from the Reggae Marathons of the past. Perhaps you might see yourself in some of the videos. And while you’re perusing the Reggae Marathons on YouTube, don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and see what we are up to.

And then there is Twitter. Twice a week (and sometimes more) we post to our Twitter feed. On Twitter, you can find the links to our twice weekly blogs. In addition, we post pertinent information there too.

On Instagram we like to post photos from our participants from races in the past. It’s great to reminisce about the race when we see pictures of running in the sun. And if you are doing a training run, preparing for the Reggae Marathon, don’t forget to tag us. We like to see the progress of runners along the way as they look forward to racing in Negril.

Reggae Marathon 2018

And last but certainly not least, you can find us on Facebook, if you haven’t already. Our twice weekly blogs are linked onto Facebook posts. We also like to post additional information and share our YouTube videos there too. Facebook is also where you will find any additional information that you’d be likely to find on our website too.

Thank you to everyone who is following, liking, and subscribing on our various social media channels. Please be sure to share them with a friend who is interested in learning more about the Reggae Marathon.

Keep on running!